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2 Houseboat, Barge for Sale in Thailand

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Alfa Laval Oil Separator

Alfa Laval Oil Separator

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Big party ship for sale  NEW HOT PRICE

Big party ship for sale NEW HOT PRICE

Party ship in Jomtien / Pattaya for rent or sale. Great for making trips around the islands nearby Pattaya. Koh Larn , Koh rin , Monkey island and many other Islands. Fully renovated 21.5 meter / 65 feet long wooden boat 80 % new wood , so will call it a very safe boat The wooden boat was renovated in 2014. The new engine installed in 2015. Two toilets, three showers with unsalted water. Kitchen. For making food. And cocktails There is a bar decorated from wood and bamboo. Included fridge in bar with glass door. The floor of second level have grass and chairs. First level is for dining. Lifewest for everybody The wooden boat has Nissan Diesel engine with 350 hp There are two generators on the boat ( big one and small one) So boat have electricity , for charging and light The wooden boat can carry up to 55 people. For transfer to Island , big boat have to anker up Wooden boat include rubber boat. 40 Hp. Transfer 12 person And have banana boat on board for having fun For viewing please call : 087-6076-238 Line Thai Id : karres123