Happy New Year 2017/2560! Year ahead plans, site sale status, updates

Happy New Year 2017/2560!  Year ahead plans, site sale status, updates:

Thailand 2017 / 2560

Looking back:
Despite a challenging 2016 with economies and currencies in flux, this website was fortunate to once again see year on year gains. Such is the nature of the site as a leader in the marketplace to be in demand no matter the direction of economies or currencies.

Current Status:
Some have asked about the current status of the site ownership? The answer is no change as we decided to retract our previous sale offer. However, the site founder has now firmly decided on retirement in 2017. Thus if a group or individual is keenly interested in taking over a leading, profitable and expandable business, please contact us (NOTE: only those who state a brief background & intention in taking over the site plus demonstrate financial ability will receive a response).  If a buyer chooses to run the sites as-is expect approx 25% ROI (with further opportunity for expansion & verticals).  The ultimate exit-strategy would be an eventual buyout by a much larger entity, likely an Intnl group seeking expansion into new territories or markets (ie: an Australian website group purchased a local site with not dissimilar #s for a remarkable 71 million baht recently).

Looking forward:
For the year ahead we plan to implement some key enhancements for both regular users and business users.  Initially a re-designed banner program will launch which is both highly targeted and intuitive. Besides rotating in selected positions, more importantly banners will also be targeted to appear when a user is viewing  ads in your chosen category and region. This  ensures your banner is targeted to be seen by your desired audience.

To view our soon to launch special advertising promo please see:

For regular users we will be implementing a simple ONE-STEP ad posting process to make it faster and easier to place ads whether you are on a mobile device or desktop/laptop.

For agents and dealers we will be adding automated / XML upload of listings which will free you up to concentrate on clients rather than on posting listings 1 by 1 by 1. This will be made available via ad subscription package options.

For ALL users we will also be implementing a LONG awaited APP which will further streamline user interface whether posting or viewing ads (also with option to allow buyers and sellers to interact real-time via permission based acceptance).

Whatever the New Year brings we are prepared to continue to work hard making ongoing improvements (as would any successor) and we thank all our valued members and visitors for your continued support for which we remain grateful.

To contact us, please click the contact link below:


Kind regards,

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