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We select a variety of advertiser’s  testimonies to display each week on our testimonials page, the latest of which may be viewed by clicking the link below: 

House Sold Thailand






SOLD/Rented signs origins?
Our advertiser’s have an option to add a ‘SOLD’ or ‘RENTED’ sign onto their ads.

We’ve recently added an optional testimony comment box to this function. To our pleasant surprise, there have been multitudes of testimonies posted by advertisers since we added this new option.

Why show SOLD items?
Some ask, why show ‘SOLD’ items and how can a user filter out SOLD ads?

Although likely only a minority of advertisers ‘bother’ to click in their member menu options to add a SOLD or RENTED sign, some viewers have commented that there are ‘too many’ sold signs on ads and find this annoying (sorry about that…)  However, if one would like to avoid seeing SOLD signs, viewers may filter ads as indicated in the example below:

Filtering out Sold/Rented/Expired Ads
(please click image to enlarge) classified advertising success!


Sold Prices:
Advertisers also have the option of adding the actual sold price. This appears in the ad  price field noted as: ‘SOLD/RENTED Price xx.xx’. Viewers may be interested to know what has sold and  for what price. This also helps other advertisers view more accurate price data regarding their own similar ads. Further, we are adding price and sold data into a database so viewers may soon know the avg sold price of a similar ad, plus avg amount of days to become sold.

Why archive expired & sold ads?
We ensure expired ads only appear AFTER the last active ads and are clearly marked ‘expired’ in red to maintain a clear demarcation.  All advertisers receive an expiry notice advising they may re-activate/ delete, or mark Sold / Rented on their ad by clicking a link.  Viewers and advertisers may also be interested in historical prices, or ads that they missed (but may still be available despite ‘expired’). Many advertisers have thanked us after receiving an ad reply and sale after expiry as they had neglected to renew. Last, we will be adding functionality whereby users can select a category, or property type, by region or sub-area and view historical or avg price comparisons (this primarily relates to property but will be available across categories).

Testimonials are updated regularly so please check  back for the latest on this link: 


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