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Kyushu Hasec Gear Coupling (Made in Japan)

Kyushu Hasec Gear Coupling (Made in Japan)

Kyushu Hasec Gear Coupling (Made in Japan) Specifications 1.Large transmission torque and high reliability. 2.Large margin of allowable misalignment. 3.Longer operating life and cost. Kyushu Hasec Gear Coupling (Made in Japan) We will supply "Kyushu Hasec Gear Coupling (Made in Japan)" as follows. The shipment will be made in a short time. * Features of "Gear Coupling" 1.Large transmission torque and high reliability In comparison with other torque transmitting system the gear type torque transmitting system is able to transmit larger torque thus the gear couplings can be used in wide range of industrial heavy machines and general heavy machines. 2.Large margin of allowable misalignment Smooth operation is guaranteed with large margin of allowable misalignment such as parallel misalignment, angular misalignment and axial misalignment, 3.Longer operating life and cost There is no damage caused by neither aged deterioration nor fatigue breakdown that observed in power transmitting element of other type of coupling, thus a longer operating life is guaranteed by proper maintenance. At the same time stable maintenance costs can be maintained by the full study of cost reduction. * Capable of high torque •Iron-and-steel-making facilities, Various plants, Cargo handling and carrier machinery (crane and similar machines), paper manufacturing machine. •Machine tools, Various pumps, Electric train •General industrial machines for all the fields . * DETAILS of NS Series 1.Double Engagement Type (NSS, NSSH) 2.Double Side Cover Type (NCC, NCCH) 3.Single Engagement Type (NSE, NSEH) 4.Single Side Cover Type (NCE, NCEH) 5.Uni-Sleeve Type (NUS, NUSH) 6.RIGID TYPE (NEE) 7.Mill Motor Type (NSM) 8.Mill Motor Couple-Extended Shaft Type (NSME) 9.Mvertical Type (NSV, NSVH) 10.Spacr Type (NSP) * Sales Window Kyowa & Co., Ltd., Japan * Manufacturer Kyushu Hasec Co., Ltd., Japan Best regards, Shintaro Kaneko (Assistant) Kyowa & Co., Ltd. 5F, Marutaka Hacchobori Bldg., 2-30-16, Hacchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032, Japan. Tel : 81-3-3537-6325 Fax : 81-3-3537-6326 e-mail : Website :

Rear Stabilizer for Truck - Space Arm

Rear Stabilizer for Truck - Space Arm

Space Arm Rear Stabilizer available in stock and ready to set up, price include setting up. Contact us Autoboy Na Jomtien Brach (located on Sukhumvit road between Ambassador Hotel and Huay Yai intersection). Currently, we have stock for 1.Toyota Fortuner 2007-2014 2.New Toyota Fortuner 2015-2016 3.Mitsubishi Triton 2007-2014 4.Mazda BT-50 Pro 2012-2016 5.Isuzu 2012-2016 6.Ford Ranger 2012-2016 7.Toyota Vigo, Champ, Smartcab, Prerunner 2006-2012