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Final Price 4.9m Facade Engineering ALU+UPVC Windows, Doors

  • Bang Na
  • 21 Mar 2018 : 13:15 pm
  • ID: 309845

Ad Description

Offer Sale of Aluminium + UPVC Window/Door/Façade Company

Asking Price 4.9mTHB
Annual Revenue: 12-20 million THB, Profit 3-5mTHB

Engineering Window, Door and Facade Fabricator in both Aluminum and UPVC. The customer base is steadily growing and counts Embassies and other prestigious projects, in Thailand as well as other Asean countries. The Factory is a 1,000 sqm 2 storey building (rented) with showroom. Full production line of upvc opening manufacturing machinery and second - German machinery - production line for aluminium windows, doors, facades plus integrated factory crane. 2 pickup cars, 1 van, 1 truck. All valued around 8 million THB.

Own developed and registered Aluminium Profile window&door system incl. 22 dies and est. 1 ton of extruded profile bars.

Assets booked with 3.3mTHB.

Fully Paid Assets:
UPVC Fabrication Machinery:
- 2 head profile cutting machine China
- 4 head welding machine China
- 2 head welding machine Germany
- Slot hole milling machine China
- Copy router machine China
- V-Cutting Machine China
- Reinforcement Screwing Machine Germany
- Glazing bead cutting machine China
- CNC Corner Cleaning machine China
- CNC Corner Cleaning machine Germany
- Corner Testing Machine

Aluminium Fabrication Machinery:
- 2 head cutting machine Schueco Germany
- Curtainwall notching machine Germany
- Corner Crimper Schueco Germany
- Copy router machine Italy
- Hinge Drill machine Schueco Germany
- Punching machine Schueco Germany

Other factory Items:
- 2,5ton factory crane
- manual forklift
- various fabrication tables and profile trolleys
- Fabrication and Installation tools, drills etc .
- 2 toyota pickup cars yr. 2015
- 1 van
- 1 truck isuzu
Office equipment:
- 8 computers incl. screen
- 9 office tables + chairs
- 2 printers
- Phone system
- shelfs, cabinets
- refrigerator
- microwave
- kitchenette
- 2 water dispenser

Established in 2010. Located in flood free, 24/7 security, industrial zone with quick motorway access. Full furnished office with computers, printers. 15+ Staff including 2 Engineers (foreign/thai), 2 Site Technicians. Monthly Payroll 240,000 THB, Rent 120.000 THB/month, 1 yr contract,able to cancel 3 month in advance. Company is clear of debt. This is a good chance to enter the booming SE-Asian and Thai construction market, with a fully equipped manufacturing company. Company has running projects valued est. 4mTHB that new owner can take over and collect payment. Owner retires back to homecountry.

Assets/shares to be transferred, includes 3 month handover training time.
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