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Jars with Lids and Motif

Ad Description

24 boxes (40 jars a box) with lids. WTBG - 0019
Motif Shake well and eat and so salad.
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Bird frigth Cannon

Bird frigth Cannon

The Zon EL08 is a fully electronic propane gas cannon to scare away birds and wildlife. It is developed to help farmers optimize their harvest results, for airports helping them in their never ending efforts to protect the engines of airplanes from any damage caused by birds, for fishing boats, oil industry and a lot more.Selling a bird frigth Cannon from Netherlands. I bougth it this year for my fishwarm. It works very well and the loudness is between 80 to 120 Dezibel. Now i sold my farm and i dont need the Cannon anymore. I payed more than 500 Euro and i ask now 9.9000 Baht. Its like new and you will get a Battery also.