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Large Established Fish Farm For Lease Or Sale

  • Property Type: Commercial
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Ad Description

Fish farm is fully designed to higher standards required by major Name - Thailand Agricultural Food Providers - featured as SET 50 companies. The fish farm is offered for annual lease (as noted below).

The complete farm is also available for sale, with a total land area of 45 Rai, Including 26 Rai of fish farm and buildings, and 19 Rai of year round irrigated land, 3 phase and single phase power systems, well and pond water systems, 6 buildings and equipment at a price of 6,500,000 Baht. The total farm is fully fenced and has 1.4 Km of 8 meter wide roadways on the land. The large farm together with the fish farm operates as a "zero - off site water discharge facility" meeting the highest of environmental standards. The zero discharge operation has been in service for the last 12 months.

The fish farm raises 550,000 cat fish in every 105 day cycle and had been in full operation for 2 full years, year round - operating with 3 fish cycles per year. The fish farm will be ready for lease in Mid August 2013, upon completion of the current harvest process. The property is full fenced and gated, and the fish farm has its own fence and gating to keep out animals. The fish farm has the excess water storage capacity suitable for year round operation, and the current water storage exceeds 43,000 m3 (11.3 Million gallons). In addition the 11 fish ponds at normal water level hold a total of 12,000 m3 of water.

Anyone fish farmer leasing this farm, and raising fish for any of the major agricultural conglomerates in Thailand, can expect to recover enough profit in one fish cycle to pay the entire yearly lease cost and have additional earnings to cover their full labor costs for the entire year. Every thing earned from the other (2) fish cycles in a year is all profit for the person leasing. This is a great opportunity for those with fish farm experience or with a willingness to follow the program guidelines and technical support offered by Thailand Major Agricultural Conglomerates.

Basic Annual Lease fee includes the following farm facilities:
(11) Fish Ponds (sized 20 meters x 50 meters x 1.5 meters deep (or larger)
(1) Water Storage Pond (45 meters x 150 meters x 6 meter deep ) 40,000 m3 water capacity
(1) Water overflow Pond (25 meters x 35 meters x 2 meters deep) -1,750 m3 water capacity
(1) Commercial building (15 meter x 22 meters) with 3 electric roller doors, finished tiled office or staff space with separate entrance, full tiled lavatory and shower, fresh water system and septic system, automatic exterior flood lighting, and full service electrical power (3 phase) inside the building.
Use of in ground water pipes for supplying all fish ponds without the need for long hoses.
Use of fish pond overflow water system to automatically control maximum pond water level, without the need for pumps - year round including the rainy season
Use of in ground drainage piping for Dewatering all fish ponds, without the need for long hoses.
Use of a Guard shack (with satelight TV disc) for security) located at the fish ponds
Use of Year round Heavy Duty Roadways for access to farm and fish farm portion (all 8 meter wide and capable of supporting 20 ton trucks.

Optional Farm equipment that can be Leased with the fish farm site includes:
(10) Heavy Duty 2 feet x 35 feet long fish feeding platforms,walkways & leg systems - that are easy to assemble and remove (in 5 pieces) during harvest cycles.
(2) large FIsh nets - Used for harvest purposes
(1) commercial fish sorting machine - capable of sizing fish into 4 sizes
(1) Large meat grinder with attachments - for use in producing other fish food
(1) Floating water pump system with (2) - 3 HP pumps with 60,000 L / hr total capacity
(1) Fresh water deep well with (1) - 2 HP pump with 12,000 L / hour total capacity
(4) Tall mounted - 250 watt - Mercury vapor Phillips Flood lights for night illumination
Electrical system that delivers 50 Amp 380 Volt 50 Hz - 3 phase power to all fish ponds and 220 Volt 50 Hz Single phase power to all fish ponds with power outlets.

Basic lease fee (shown in the price) must be paid in one payment, prior to the start of any lease and it covers the use of the basic fish farm and building as noted above.

The optional items listed separately can be leased with the farm for a damage deposit paid, or other arrangements between the owner and the person leasing. This equipment is set up for this farm, but there is no requirement to lease or use these items. Like the lease price, the price agreed to use those optional items will cover 12 months usage by the fish farmer.

This is a great opportunity for those who want a fish farm to work and have a very nice high standard place to live (in the commercial building). The farm is well respected by the major agricultural companies in Thailand and has been in successful profitable commercial operation - at a very high standard 2 years. The operation is proven and established.
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