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Mascotte needs retailers

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Sat 3 Jun 2017
Tue 18 Jul 2017
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090 2808 765
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Sat 3 Jun 2017
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Khao San Road, Banglamphu Area
Central: Bangkok & Region
Old City, China Town, Khao San Rd

Mascotte needs retailers

Would you like to become a retailer of Dutch products that sell extremely well in Thailand?

As the sole importer in Thailand of Mascotte’s renowned, rolling paper, filtered cigarette tubes, and accessory injectors we are doing excellent business. You surely have already come across our products. Our Thai customers really love them. We exclusively supply to some 1000 Thai retailers. You will not find them in department stores nor at big supermarket chains.
Mascotte Roll Your Own products are famous among foreigners living in Thailand or visiting, who like to roll their own cigarettes. Roll Your Own is a widely used concept all over the world. Our products are used by people from just about anywhere and exported to over 70 different countries.
We are on the lookout for more retail sales points.
We are looking for you!
Do you run a shop, bar, hotel or restaurant with lots of foreigners among your clientele? If yes, then you can grow your business by becoming one of our appointed retailers.
Selling rolling paper, filtered cigarette tubes, and accessories in public is perfectly legal in Thailand. Restrictions that apply to tobacco do NOT apply to our products.
Mascotte is a well-established and renowned brand. People will recognise it and start buying.
Try it
Naturally, you first of all want to try out.
We offer a complete sales display set; for you to find out that retailing is profitable.
Our Mascotte display shows our 3 best sellers.
For you at a onetime only special discounted price offer which will make you leave any doubts behind.
The display is yours to keep, the profit yours to gain.
When it’s empty, which will be pretty soon, you simply do a refill. That’s all there is to it.
Very profitable

If you decide to become one of our appointed retailers we will guarantee a very profitable sales margin, always.
After a while your customers will become aware that you sell Mascotte products and your turnover will start to increase only. Let alone the extra turnover for you when people especially come to your place to buy Mascotte, then find out that you have a lot more to offer. Try it and start making extra money today.

Would you like to know more or order right on; give us a call at 090 2808 765

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500 THB

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20 SGD  |  100 CNY  |  121 SEK  |  870 RUB
63 MYR  |  55 AED  |  1,684 JPY  |  17,241 KRW

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Sat 3 Jun 2017
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