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20 Tools/Tanks/Construction/Containers in Thailand

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Crystal Clear And Healthy Water For The Entire Household.

Crystal Clear And Healthy Water For The Entire Household.

  • 14 Jul 2018 : 07:41 am

Crystal Clear And Healthy Water For The Entire Household. State of the art ultra fine membrane water filtration system unit for the entire household. Unlike other standard water filters, this unit removes 99.7% of bacteria, viruses and parasites. A fully automatic cleaning system is included. No upcoming cost for changing of cartridges. It comes slim line in a beautiful high grade stainless steel housing (1400mm x 100mm dia), with 3/4" thread connections. The unit is easy to install and to connect to the entire house water supply, right after the water pump (installation drawing including). There is no electric connection required. The flow rate is about 3.500l/h, with very low pressure reduction. Suitable for all private households, private or commercial kitchens, food industry, laboratories, health and beauty institutions, bakeries, butchers and, and, and. Just everywhere where a really clean water is desired, required or necessary. Almost no maintenance or service is required, very low running cost. Shipping all over Thailand is possible. Brand new from stock. For more informations, please email.

Wago Wire Connectors. Original German Import

Wago Wire Connectors. Original German Import

  • 14 Jul 2018 : 07:41 am

Wago Wire Connectors. Original German Import Now Finally in Thailand WAGO wire connectors, original German import. Brand new in original box. A box contains 100/50/40 pcs., depend on the item size. Finally safe, quick and easy wire connection available all over Thailand. Standard sizes: 1.0 - 2.5sqmm solid cable: 2pole, 3pole, 4pole, 5pole, 8pole 1.5 - 4sqmm: 3pole. 1.5 - 6sqmm: 3pole Lighting connector, 1.0 - 2.5sqmm: 2 pole Connecting terminal, 0.9 - 4sqmm: 3pole, 5pole For more informations, just email.

DN-35A Foot Press Spot Welding Machine

Dn-35a Foot Press Spot Welding Machine

  • 03 Jul 2018 : 12:03 pm

3 Phase (380 volt) 35 Amp 100% duty cycle pneumatic foot operated spot welder. Originally purchased with job lot of equipment. I have no use for a spot welder. It is surprisingly heavy, probably due to the transformer. The electrodes have been lost in transit. I am guessing there has to be about 5000 baht worth of copper wire alone in the huge transformer.

Sliding Gate Motor Remote Control

Sliding Gate Motor Remote Control

  • 20 Jun 2018 : 10:56 am

New Remote controlled Sliding Gate Motors, We can install in the Khon Kaen area or certain other areas or ship anywhere in Thailand, have many types to suit your gate, service is our speciality and quality products at a reasonable prices is our promise. This motor is very reliable and of first quality you will not get better vallue for money anywhere. Moves the gate up to 1200KG

Water tank, 2,000 liter stainless steel and/or Hitachi 150 W pump

Water Tank, 2,000 Liter Stainless Steel And/or Hitachi 150 W Pump

  • 04 Jun 2018 : 15:37 pm

2000 L Stainless steel tank for water, cost 8,500 baht. We changed to a smaller tank on a other place, so this one is over. The stainless steel tanks of 2,000 liter cost new over 20,000 baht, so this is a bargain. It last for live. Also Hitachi water pump, new 5,500 baht, about 3 year old. Plug in and it pumps. Price 2,500 baht Together 10,000 baht

Automatic Welding Helmet Brand New

Automatic Welding Helmet Brand New

  • 30 Oct 2017 : 12:14 pm

Welding Helmet Solar Auto-Darkening New Solar Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet ARC Mig Tig Mag Grinding Welder Mask. Never used. Paid 2900 Baht, sell for 1500 Baht. Can send to anywhere in Thailand, + 150 Baht, EMS. Description: Viewing Windows : 90 × 40mm. Response Time : 0.15ms - 0.2ms. Retention time : 0.4ms - 0.8ms. Delay time : 0.1S - 1.2S Ultraviolet Protection : < 0.0003%(313nm-365nm). Infrared Protection : < 0.027%(780- 1300nm)<0.085%(130nm-2000nm). Power : Lithium Battery Powered with Solar Back up. Operation temperature : - 10℃ - 65℃. Cartridge Size : 110mmx 90mmx 9mm. Light State : DIN4 Dark State : DIN9 - 13 Battery Type : CR 2450 PC Size : 47 x 100 x 0.8mm Sensitivity Control : Knob Adjustable Sensors : 2

MAKITA Dual Charger +4 x 5.0Ah Battery SOLD

Makita Dual Charger +4 X 5.0ah Battery

  • 20 Sep 2017 : 09:38 am

Original Makita 10.8V combo-kit with Cordless 10mm driver drill and Cordless Impact Driver. Comes with 3 batteries in great condition, adapter, charger and Case. Very lightly used and everything works perfectly. Bought originally in Sweden and brought here 3 years ago. Since then, used to repair my Segways. The drill driver has never been used! CALL 0905-863.863 ITEM LOCATED IN AMAZON RESIDENCE, Soi Watboon Soi 5, Jomtien.

Solid Teak door height 3.1meters x 1meter wide

Solid Teak Door Height 3.1meters X 1meter Wide

  • 20 Aug 2016 : 10:35 am

Solid teak louvered door - made from quality seasoned teak wood was used in our showroom as a display sliding door. The door is in our factory in San Patong as we recently closed the showroom. Cost to make 40,000 baht - sell 8,000 baht. Height 10.2 feet x wide 3.2 feet. Selling way below cost - we also have other various doors and windows from our showroom. Please call or email for details. Phone Rin 0814721846 (Thai) or Nee 0921815398 (Thai) or Barry 0815955125 (English)

Bifold folding window system in Mahogany

Bifold Folding Window System In Mahogany

  • 27 Aug 2015 : 10:20 am

Set of solid genuine Mahogany Wood folding windows from our showroom which is now closed. Perfect for a new home construction or renovation project in Thailand. Complete working folding window unit in frame ready to install into a wall opening, folding petition or bar area with genuine Australian stainless steel Brio hardware. Suitable for interior or exterior use the Brio rolling hardware and tracks cost 25,000 baht alone. Height including frame 123 cm Width including frame 180 cm Selling way below cost - we also have other various doors and windows from our showroom. Please call or email for details.

2x Cordless Screwdrivers

2x Cordless Screwdrivers

  • 26 May 2015 : 19:31 pm

Here we have 1 x Bosch 9.6v Cordless Screwdriver with battery and charger. 1 x P Brand Cordless Screwdriver with battery and charger. All in good working order except that the two batteries on the Cordless Screwdrivers need serviceing or replaceing as they do not keep charge. We live in the Bang Na area of Bangkok if you wish to view or collect. We can send by train or by EMS post if you live too far away. Please Note: If any of my items sell i always remove the listing after. So if it is still listed it means it is still for sale.