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7 Wanted: Business/Investor/Distributor in Thailand

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Great Business Opportunity Web Business

Great Business Opportunity Web Business

  • 18 Jul 2018 : 08:47 am

For any Registered Company is the opportunity to join a market that has not yet been explored in Thailand Business Concept that for less than 12 month ago was purchased by a Middle East Hedge Funds for more than $700.000.000 It's B2B Web Solution, that brings businesses together and it is unique and not seen in Thailand Business and Websites can be ready within 2 month For my part, I am looking for a one time fee plus a 10% Fee of Turnover, business will generate for 3 years For your purchase, I will describe in details about business, and will offer backup of my very early website design that can be used as placeholder for any further development. Kind Regards Tom

Investor/Partner for Website Business

Investor/partner For Website Business

  • 13 Jul 2018 : 09:27 am

13+ new businesses launched in 2018-2019 For Website Business that will publish ONE new business every 2 month In PRE Launch HQ Business Leads Sale from High Paying Client, In pre-launch will go public on 15th August 2018 In pipeline for development is : Other HQ Business Leads Sale from High Paying Client APP for Health and Legal Niches Logo Factory. Will be offered through 2 different business model. 1. Store 2. Membership Subscription We are adding 50 new logo each month in most important designer file format. For Photoshop, Illustrator, InkScrape and other Vector based editors. Additional graphics like Business Cards, Letterhead and envelope design will be offered as an upsell. Search Engine Keyword Ranking***This is very HOT, nobody have ever launch service that tells for what keyword website is ranked*** MyPersonalPapers***Very much in Demand App, Create folder for saving your personal papers, that only you are some few people can access*** Stock Image Membership Website, Sell images like Shutterstock etc. Wordpress Template Complete Setup. Whitelabel Software Development Stock Images Web Store Development Google Page 1 Local Ranking Service Promote Niche Businesses Windows Niche Application Development Website for L...Hidden because of competitors could potential steal this brilliant idea that have ability to generate millions... Online shopping with Digital Products I need Investor/partner that besides investment, are interesting in playing an active role to make this projects a success. Your involvement could be owning a company, have knowledge about launching web projects. Investment is a one time payment of THB 85,000 + share of additional cost for company setup etc. Further payment of THB 50.000 is payable for every 2nd projects that is launched. For your payment/investment you will earn your 50% share of Net revenue earned by company as well as contribute with 50% of expenses. If you are an investor and already have setup of company that could be used for this business, I am absolutely negotiable. For more detailed explanation about web project, please contact me for further details Kind Regards Tom

Outdoor Playground Equipment Supplier in Thailand

Outdoor Playground Equipment Supplier In Thailand

  • 29 Dec 2017 : 12:13 pm

Outdoor playground equipment for parks, schools and landscaping designers. Watch our impressive layout features and large variety of equipment! Thaipaly is committed to providing high quality inclusive commercial outdoor playground equipment to schools, municipalities, organizations, and businesses. Basically, We know the entire world requirements play. Our excellent outdoor playground equipment is protected and long lasting. Supplying new and impressive products and solutions frequently, spiritual committed to selling only top companies of outdoor playground equipment.

0136002 Partner - Recruitment Agency BKK

0136002 Partner - Recruitment Agency Bkk

  • 03 Mar 2017 : 14:58 pm

Seeking Working Partner for expanding Recruitment Agency Business in Bangkok Listing No. 066-01-36-002 • Business: Manpower Recruiting • Location: Prawet, Bangkok, Thailand • Features: With around 3 years in operation in Bangkok (Srinakarin area), this agency is currently owned by Western foreigners. It is managed by one of the partners and supported by 4 staff. Working from a shared office near Rama 9, the company is over its dangerous ‘start-up’ period and is turning a healthy profit. To continue growth, the partners seek an additional working partner with HR/recruitment experience to join the company as a 30% share-holder. The partnership will be validated by way of transferring company shares in the THB 3,000,000 Thai Limited Company, which will also support a working permit for the new partner. The company is licensed and currently works mainly in the area of domestic hiring and inbound hiring across a broad range of industries. • Tenure: Partnership (Transfer of Company Shares) • Asking Price: THB 3,000,000 • More Information: Please contact us for more detailed information (we require your name, phone number and e-mail address)

Partner: Guest House-Massage Shop-Bar-Gift Shop, Restaurant

Partner: Guest House-massage Shop-bar-gift Shop, Restaurant

  • 17 Nov 2016 : 08:35 am

Guest House, Spa and Massage shop, Bar, Gift Shop and Restaurant partner wanted for a very special Guest House, Massage shop, Bar and Restaurant in Chiang Dao Cave Village, Chiang Mai 8 rooms and a garden very good location 10 year lease left and could be continued. With very low monthly rent the construction and the pool is owned by me hence the low monthly rent and the near resorts (i.e. Chiang Dao Nest Resort, Chiang Dao Hut Resort, At Home Resort and etc.) are full in high season and still make a profit in low season the near resorts are on all the big booking sites and have a lot of bookings for high season. This project could make a lot of profit and I would like some time off so would only work really if you have a manager/partner to run this business. I'm looking for an Active Partner to finish the project. I'd ever been running a Guest House in Chiang Dao, Have Mountain, which was quite successful but at that time I didn’t have available time to do as I got another business in Chiang Rai so I sold it out to Chiang Dao Nest2 and The Cave Bar and room for rent. Now, I’m building the houses and the other constructions to go on with further project as Guest House, Massage, Bar and “Farang” Restaurant and looking for Thai or Foreigner Partnership for established and complete such project. This project is newly established such business , excellent location for long term investment opportunities (10 years). The first house/building is one of several 2 story units on main road. I’m looking for a partner to help me in Chiang Dao Cave Village Project. I am not able to be in Chiang Dao Cave Village on a permanent basis because of my commitments in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai city. This business is waiting you to set up and ready to go. The preferred partner will have to be able to communicate with a higher class of English, communicating in Thai is no problem. I also need a cash commitment to finish this project. In the beginning the investment doesn’t need to be much but enough to decorate, finish the electric work, landscape, and to pay the salary to the employees or our team each month. We don’t need to pay rent as I’m the owner of these building and construction. The capital turnaround is about 2 years after the grand opening. Once the construction finished and decorated, then we will set everything up and train the right person. Please contact me and we can discuss the details. Thanks

You want to get Rich Easy ? Got Money ? Then Read this .

You Want To Get Rich Easy ? Got Money ? Then Read This .

  • 14 May 2016 : 10:14 am

Hi I am an Adventure Park Builder / Designer / Manager ( Zip Line Business ) . I have worked over 10 Years in this Business and Managed and Extend one of the Most popular Zip line company's in Asia ( In Chiagmai Thailand ) as well as Second Major and well known Project in Chiangmai zip line industry with brand new ideas in the world . I also built the First zip line ever opened in China in Yunan Province for the Chinese Government in their National Park and 2 more projects waiting for green light to be build over there . I can make you become rich as well as myself with your money . the business can be built and also Managed by myself and your profits guaranteed 100% . you will get your investment money back within less than 3 years knowing that you business will worth 50 times more than what you have invested first day ( after 3 years ) . there are lot more to say and to know and this is not Magic and it is real . if i did it for 10 years and people's are making money means you can do it also . there are over 15 zip line companies in chinagmai alone and all of them are doing over 100 customers per day x 2000 Bahts minimum per Customers and You DO THE MATH .THE PROFIT PER MONTH / YEAR GUARANTEE . Like i said i can help YOU/US to make this happen easy as i am an expert . i know you do have questions but that is ok we can sit and talk and you will understand very well that this is a win win situation that is guaranteed . please do not waist your time if you are not serious . i am willing to sit down and personally talk over rather just sending email . this is for real for real people and no Scam or Bluff . Thank you