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0148001 Car Lights Service Center in Bangkok

0148001 Car Lights Service Center in Bangkok

  • 25 Jun 2019 : 00:40 am

Car Lights Service Center in Bangkok for Sale Listing No. 066-01-48-001 • Business: Car Lights Professional Service • Location: Lad Phrao, Bangkok, Thailand • Features: A very successful professional car lights supply and repair service business located in Bangkok. Some new condominium development in the area should also have a positive impact on the available nearby customers. The business is well-established having been operated for around 9 years and has a reputation for excellence. The business is in regular contact with over 20 garages nearby, who (because they don't have the specialist knowledge and equipment) refer their clients. There is no kick-back to those garages at all. This type of business is the only business of its kind in the area with the nearest competition being around 8 km away. The business provides customers an 'all in one service' of selling the lights, installation, alignment and washing. The asking price includes all the stock in the business (about THB 600,000 at any one time). All the necessary accounts will be transferred to the new owner including the facebook page and website. The business is on the ground level with a 6-car park at the front. On the 2nd floor it has 5 rooms with 4 of those rooms used as staff accommodation and the other room is a storage room. The owner and his wife would like to sell this business as they plan to move abroad. Currently, the owner only goes to the shop once or twice a week to re-stock and tend to the cash. Sales figures can be viewed on cloud, therefore this business is considered suitable for either a 'hands-on' buyer or an investor who does not want to devote a lot of time to the business. Staff are trained and in place. Stock is included. Overheads are reasonable and the business is making money. Awaiting buyer. • Tenure: Business Sale and Rent (Leasehold Premises). 3 years with option to renew (Rolling Lease). • Asking Price: THB 4,600,000 • More Information: Please contact us for more detailed information (we require your name, phone number and e-mail address)