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Teach International - $3,000 Month

Teach International - $3,000 Month

  • 24 Aug 2019 : 15:31 pm

With VIPKID you may work anywhere in the world. You must be a USA or Canadian citizen. You will teach English to Chinese students. Each class is 25 minutes. The curriculum is all on a powerpoint within the VIPKID application. There is no lesson planning. Just turn on your computer and teach. Average starting pay is $20.00 per 50 minutes. This is not a scam. This is a real job - with real money. Your payment is direct deposited into your bank account weekly - anywhere in the world. You make your own schedule. There are no required teaching hours. I have taught all over the world. I currently live in Chiang Mai. I am a VIPKID mentor and teacher. Contact me and I will coach you through the interview process. Use my referral link to get started: Contact me at: 0623304508 LineID: ben.psych