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Red Hawk brand wood vinegar

  • Kranuan
  • 19 Mar 2021 : 19:50 pm
  • ID: 384022

Ad Description

Red Hawk branded wood vinegar is available in both fermented / distilled forms.
- Fermented 1 liter, 130 liters, 6 liters, 510 liters, 12 liters, 900 liters (including shipping)
- Refined 1 liter 190 baht 6 liters 840 baht 12 liters 1560 baht (including shipping)
There is a destination collection service. (Collect destination plus 3% additional)
- Used to prevent and eliminate insects in the house.
- Used to treat diseases for trees
- Used to deodorize the bathroom Or the trash can
- Wood vinegar helps repel pests
- Can be used to eliminate fleas and ticks in pets.
-Eliminate insects and deodorize in livestock pens
- Good to deodorize dog and cat urine
- Used to paint the rubber face and reduce odor
- Used to spray on rice fields To nourish the rice growing
- Used as a food for nourishing mushrooms and preventing mold in mushroom cultivation areas
- Use by spraying or applying to prevent mosquito bites
LINE ID: @ 366oruwa (
instagrame: redhawkwoodvinegar
tel: 098-2292833 Degree, 089-4262363 Thirawat

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