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Husky Puppy 8 weeks old - Vaccinated / Dewormed

Ad Description

Husky Puppies,

Since i need to leave the country for a short time, i really want to see the last puppy in good hands before if possible. They are now good to go to your home immediately!

General Info:
The Alusky is a hybrid Husky being a cross between the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute. He is an attractive medium to a large dog who would do well as part of a family with children. He is intelligent, loving and loyal and makes a great pet anyone would love.

Easygoing dog, great with my daughter (8 yrs), height up to 28 inches (70cm) at a weight of 60-100lbs (27-45kg).

The dogs are raised and happy with a fan and do not even like aircon - they sleep most of the time during the day and play in the afternoon. .

Also if you have questions, need more (updated) pics or info or want to come over to see them.

095 863 54 25
Line-ID: johnx37

08.08.2018 - 1 still available
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We are not a dog shelter nor a kennel but locals think so and have dropped us seven puppies. They grew up very healthy never been ill and are now around 8 months old. The puppies start to get arguments at this age and since we already have more than a dozen dogs, I am getting very annoyed with the arguments in the group. I would be very happy if a loving and caring home could take in a dog and provide them a good life. Dogs are humans best friends trust me and they are just adorable. Among teenage dogs, we have 2 boys, brown and dark grey, all neutered, and remaining girls, all operated. They are strong and healthy, and good in size. Really not tall just about 50cm high at this age, might grow a bit taller till one year old. very practical size for a household.