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Husky Puppy 8 weeks old - Vaccinated / Dewormed

Ad Description

Husky Puppies,

Since i need to leave the country for a short time, i really want to see the last puppy in good hands before if possible. They are now good to go to your home immediately!

General Info:
The Alusky is a hybrid Husky being a cross between the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute. He is an attractive medium to a large dog who would do well as part of a family with children. He is intelligent, loving and loyal and makes a great pet anyone would love.

Easygoing dog, great with my daughter (8 yrs), height up to 28 inches (70cm) at a weight of 60-100lbs (27-45kg).

The dogs are raised and happy with a fan and do not even like aircon - they sleep most of the time during the day and play in the afternoon. .

Also if you have questions, need more (updated) pics or info or want to come over to see them.

095 863 54 25
Line-ID: johnx37

08.08.2018 - 1 still available
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