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2 hats, 1 bag and 5 scarves (price reduced)

Ad Description

Prices are on the pictures.
Brown Hat, beaver fur, new: 6,700atHB

Black & White hat, rabbit fur, new: 3,000THB

Prices are on the pictures. All are in good condition.
Cloth woven hand bag, black & white, new, a black buckle on bag: 1,200THB

Blue scarf: 470THB

Silk scarf: silk, cream color: 1,000THB

DoiTung silk scarf: new, handwoven textile derives from a transitional skill for weaving and embroidery that has been passed down through generations of DoiTung ethnic communities. The Doi Tung Development Project provides opportunities for women to utilize this skill to earn a supplementary income for their families, restoring pride and dignity to the elderly. Fabric is handwoven from delicate natural materials. This scarf is under cooperation with the United Nations. Scarf is with a light blue hard-paper gift box: 2,900THB

Red silk scarf: new, with an elegant gift box: 2,400THB

Jane Shand design grey scarf: new, grey, woven or knitted using 100% ultra fine and super fine MERINO, scarf is created from this luxuriously soft merino fiber, it’s warm yet breathable and can be comfortably worn from autumn through to spring, sustainably grown, sourcedfrom one New Zealand farm, the coloring is entirely natural (UNDYED), with a paper gift box: 1,800THB
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