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2018(mfd ’18) Toyota Vios 1.5 E A/T

  • Make: TOYOTA
  • Model: VIOS
  • Year: 2018
  • Body Type: Sedan
  • Doors: 4
  • Color: White
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Type of Drive: Front WD
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Mileage: 43000
  • Condition: Good

Ad Description

2018(mfd ’18) Toyota Vios 1.5 E A/T

Model, Body type:Sedans
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Engine Capacity1,500 ( CC )
Mileage:26,xxx mi / 43,xxx KM
Manufacture Date2018

Expat Auto Chiang Mai
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The benefits of a foreigner certified car:
1.) Process of inspection and preparation in detail by experienced technicians. Third party computer diagnostic reports are also available.
2.) 1 year warranty
A) 1 l Full bumper to guarantee parts and labor
b.) For the remaining 11 months including limited engine and internal transmission warranty.
C). There is also an additional 2-year warranty option available for purchase through major insurance companies.
3.) One-year, 24-hour roadside assistance policy is included in the major insurance companies that provide assistance in the event of a breakdown, lock the keys in the car, run out of fuel, etc.
4.) After-sales service during and after the warranty period We are a one-stop service for all your automotive needs. Some of the services we provide are:
- Oil change service
- Repair and service (A / C, suspension, brakes, tires, paint work, etc.)
- Accessories (window film, carpet, seat protector, stereo, reversing camera and accident, etc.)
- Detail collection (Washing and vacuuming carpets and seats, washing hair, polishing and waxing the engine room, etc.)
- Collision insurance
- Insurance claims coordination service
- Services per tax and annual insurance
- Car rental
5.) Hassle free registration process You don't need to come to the transport office. We will take care of all documents on your behalf.
6.) Fight-free all-inclusive pricing We work hard to ensure you get a fair market value without the stress and hassle of negotiating. The prices listed are what you pay with no hidden fees. In addition to the 1-year warranty review policy and 1 year roadside assistance policy, it also includes the following: sales tax (VAT 7%), ownership transfer fee, road tax (minimum 3 million meters left). Usually more)
7.) When it comes time to sell our cars, we also have a wide range of options to help you sell your car, including buying immediately or delivering a car to us for sale to you.
8.) We also offer rental consignment options to rent a car for you.

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The difference you get when buying a car from Expat Auto Co., Ltd.
1.) High quality cars, because all our cars have passed more than 230 tests by professional technicians and have detailed inspection reports from the CaRPM computer system.
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- 11 months after automatic transmission parts and spare parts (spare + spare parts).
- Free customer service cars, repair items at separate distances
- Buy additional insurance to extend the repair period (spare parts + hara)
3.) 24-hour assistance service (broken car, forgotten keys, short pipe) for 1 year.
4.) Complete after-sales service
- Change copier
- Maintenance (rail, air conditioning system, assembly of the ground floor, brakes, tires, brick color)
- Car pick-up service is available off-site.
- car accessories and accessories (polish, carpet, audio, camera, back)
- Car Care (washing, polishing, polishing, washing herbs)
- Motor vehicle
- Coordinate car sales
- Transfer
- Continue to etiquette, compulsory law, check condition
- Car rental
5.) Save time in transportation because there is a free car service in the customer's name without you having to travel to transport yourself.
6.) The actual selling price includes everything. (Including VAT, transfer fee, fee per system, tuition fee) No other hidden institution.
7.) When you want to sell your car, we have buy-back, consignment, and post-sale help on the Internet.
8.) When you want to rent a car, we have a car rental service.
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1998 Citroen Xantia Exclusive ***Nicest one in Thailand***

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One for the enthusiasts! Rare find this 1998 Citroen Xantia Exclusive in a very good original condition. We bought this car from a relative of our family who has moved on to a Citroen C5. He has owned the car from new so there is only the initial owners name in the book. Due to COV-19 restrictions I can't spend as much attention and time on the car as I envisioned when we bought it, hence now is the time to pass it one to someone who can. A chance to experience Citroen's world-famous hydro-pneumatic suspension in Thailand. This car is a pleasure to drive, it's spacious, quiet, safe and just irons out most of the uneven bumps and stays comfortable on all road types. I have done personally an overhaul of the suspension and it is now in top-condition. new spheres, new hydro-fluid, flushing & bleeding of the system and it is now good until it requires another service. Engine and gearbox are in great condition and did not need a lot of service but I have still done a lot of preventive maintenance. There are no leaks anywhere and the car is in a 100% drive-able condition. Interior and seats are in top condition, A/C is working and cold. There are still a few minor things that need to be done and I'll happily bring any potential buyers up to speed. I have owned several Citroen's in Thailand and opposed to contrary believe a Citroen, if well maintained, can go a lot longer and further without major repairs then other brands with regular suspension. Parts are no issue, there are plenty 2nd hand spares available in Thailand as well as car part suppliers in BKK that have a lot of parts new. There are about half a dozen of very qualified Citroen mechanics in Bangkok alone that work correctly and cheaply on these cars. There are also active member clubs around. With Thailand road conditions this car is so comfortable to drive, the seats are good, the interior is very spacious to hold a family of 5, the car is quiet and safe, long distances are a breeze and you just get out of the car with no fatigue. The great thing about this suspension is also the load related braking and self leveling suspension. The braking power is always the same regardless of load as well as the suspension always levels the car to it's normal ride height. Here are some details of the car and what I have done: * 1998 Citroen Xantia Exclusive, original French buit car, not in Rayong. * Antisink model (6 spheres) * Self leveling and manual adjustable suspension. * 2.0 engine, automatic gearbox * One owner in the book since new * Never had LPG installed * km's * Taxed and insured until 2022 * Disc brakes F/R with ABS * Electric Mirrors & windows * New radio/CD/MP3 player What I have done so far: * Complete check & overhaul of the hydro-pneumatic suspension incl. spheres, tank, fluid, height adjustment and revision of the height correctors. * 4 brand new Michelin Energy XM2's * New steppen motor * Shell premium engine oil change + filter * Shell premium gearbox oil change * New Bosch windscreen wipers F/R * Complete detailing job at an auto spa, inside & out * New original air filter * New original fuel filter * Hi-Kool premium UV window film all around 60/40 * Philips Extreme vision headlight bulbs replacement F. * All light bulbs replaced around the car (rear, brake, blinker, reverse) * New ABS sensors * New timing belt * Added additional radiator fan * New handbrake cables * New gearbox oil * New engine oil * New radiator coolant * New brake pads * New driveshafts * New waterpump * New thermostat I have spent over 120,000 THB on this car up until now. Included in the sale: * Spare Hydraulic pump * Spare LHM hydraulic fluid * New set of spare keys Great car for someone who wants and can turn this car into one of the most beautiful ones in Thailand, most of these you find in Thailand are neglected, just right out ugly or have LPG, or are just difficult to sell, this one however has the potential to become a sought-after timeless young timer. Please contact by message for further info, Car is in Chiang Mai

2005 (mfd ’05) Ford Everest 2.5 XLT M/T 2WD

2005 (mfd ’05) Ford Everest 2.5 XLT M/T 2WD

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2005 (mfd ’05) Ford Everest 2.5 XLT M/T 2WD Model, Body type:SUVs Registration:04/2005 Fuel Type:Diesel Engine Capacity2,500 ( CC ) TransmissionManual 5 spd. Color:BlueGreen Doors:5 Mileage:107,xxx mi / 205,xxx KM Manufacture Date2005 Expat Auto Chiangmai -รับจัดไฟแนนท์ฟรี! -รีไฟแนนท์ -เครดิตสูงสุด 110% -ฟรีดาวน์! -ผู้มีบัตรสีชมพูสามารถออกรถได้ สิทธิพิเศษสำหรับ พนักงานประจำเอกชน/ข้าราชการ/รัฐวิสาหกิจ สอบถามข้อมูลหรือรายละเอียดเพิ่มเติม Tel. 053 241 722 website : Line : @expatautocm map: Benefits of buying through Expat Auto 1.Thorough inspection and prep process by experienced technicians. Third-party computer diagnostic report also provided. 2.After-Sales Service available during and after the warranty period. We are a 1-stop service for all your automotive needs. Some of the service we provide include: - Oil change service - Repairs and servicing (A/C, suspension, brakes, tires, paint work, etc), - Accessories (window film, carpet protection, seat covers, stereos, reverse and accident cameras, etc), - Detailing (wash and vacuum, carpet and seat shampooing, paint buffing and waxing, engine - compartment, etc) - Collision Insurance - Insurance claim liaison services - Yearly tax and insurance renewal services - Car Rentals 3.Hassle-Free registration process. It is not necessary for you to come to the transport office. We will take care of all the paperwork on your behalf. 4.All-Inclusive Haggle-Free pricing. We work hard to ensure you get a fair market value without the stress and hassle of negotiations. Price listed is what you pay with no hidden fees. In addition to the Inspection, the following are also included: sales tax (VAT 7%), ownership transfer fees, road tax (min 3 M remaining, usually more). 5.When it comes time to sell our car, we also have several options to help you sell the car including buying it outright or consigning the car with us to sell for you. Please see our website for more details on all the benefits of buying Expat Auto Certified as well as the Products and Services that we offer.

2015 Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo II 1.5L Automatic Transmission

2015 Toyota Vios TRD Sportivo II 1.5L Automatic Transmission

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Note: Foreign owner is overseas due to COVID-19. Buyer can take possession of the car, blue book and signed transfer papers, but must wait until the owner returns to Thailand in November to complete the transfer of ownership. Payment by cash or bank transfer only. No PayPal. New Bridgestone Tyres 15in Mag Wheels Front disc brakes, rear drum brakes Adjustable Steering Reversing Camera Touch-screen entertainment system with remote control Air conditioning Central locking Cup Holders Electric windows Leather Upholstery Power Steering