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2018(mfd ’18) Toyota Vios 1.5 E A/T

  • Make: TOYOTA
  • Model: VIOS
  • Year: 2018
  • Body Type: Sedan
  • Doors: 4
  • Color: White
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Type of Drive: Front WD
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Mileage: 43000
  • Condition: Good

Ad Description

2018(mfd ’18) Toyota Vios 1.5 E A/T

Model, Body type:Sedans
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Engine Capacity1,500 ( CC )
Mileage:26,xxx mi / 43,xxx KM
Manufacture Date2018

Expat Auto Chiang Mai
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The benefits of a foreigner certified car:
1.) Process of inspection and preparation in detail by experienced technicians. Third party computer diagnostic reports are also available.
2.) 1 year warranty
A) 1 l Full bumper to guarantee parts and labor
b.) For the remaining 11 months including limited engine and internal transmission warranty.
C). There is also an additional 2-year warranty option available for purchase through major insurance companies.
3.) One-year, 24-hour roadside assistance policy is included in the major insurance companies that provide assistance in the event of a breakdown, lock the keys in the car, run out of fuel, etc.
4.) After-sales service during and after the warranty period We are a one-stop service for all your automotive needs. Some of the services we provide are:
- Oil change service
- Repair and service (A / C, suspension, brakes, tires, paint work, etc.)
- Accessories (window film, carpet, seat protector, stereo, reversing camera and accident, etc.)
- Detail collection (Washing and vacuuming carpets and seats, washing hair, polishing and waxing the engine room, etc.)
- Collision insurance
- Insurance claims coordination service
- Services per tax and annual insurance
- Car rental
5.) Hassle free registration process You don't need to come to the transport office. We will take care of all documents on your behalf.
6.) Fight-free all-inclusive pricing We work hard to ensure you get a fair market value without the stress and hassle of negotiating. The prices listed are what you pay with no hidden fees. In addition to the 1-year warranty review policy and 1 year roadside assistance policy, it also includes the following: sales tax (VAT 7%), ownership transfer fee, road tax (minimum 3 million meters left). Usually more)
7.) When it comes time to sell our cars, we also have a wide range of options to help you sell your car, including buying immediately or delivering a car to us for sale to you.
8.) We also offer rental consignment options to rent a car for you.

Please see our website. For more details on all the benefits of purchasing an Expat Auto Certified, as well as the products and services we offer, visit our website.

The difference you get when buying a car from Expat Auto Co., Ltd.
1.) High quality cars, because all our cars have passed more than 230 tests by professional technicians and have detailed inspection reports from the CaRPM computer system.
2.) Separate repairs after sales for 1 year.
- The first 1 month, all spare parts (spare parts + spare parts).
- 11 months after automatic transmission parts and spare parts (spare + spare parts).
- Free customer service cars, repair items at separate distances
- Buy additional insurance to extend the repair period (spare parts + hara)
3.) 24-hour assistance service (broken car, forgotten keys, short pipe) for 1 year.
4.) Complete after-sales service
- Change copier
- Maintenance (rail, air conditioning system, assembly of the ground floor, brakes, tires, brick color)
- Car pick-up service is available off-site.
- car accessories and accessories (polish, carpet, audio, camera, back)
- Car Care (washing, polishing, polishing, washing herbs)
- Motor vehicle
- Coordinate car sales
- Transfer
- Continue to etiquette, compulsory law, check condition
- Car rental
5.) Save time in transportation because there is a free car service in the customer's name without you having to travel to transport yourself.
6.) The actual selling price includes everything. (Including VAT, transfer fee, fee per system, tuition fee) No other hidden institution.
7.) When you want to sell your car, we have buy-back, consignment, and post-sale help on the Internet.
8.) When you want to rent a car, we have a car rental service.
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