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30% Reduced Foreclosure on Teakwood Estate, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai

  • Mae Rim
  • 28 May 2021 : 06:00 am
  • ID: 423975
  • Property Type: House / Villa
  • Number of Bedrooms: 6
  • Number of Bahtrooms: 6
  • Furnished: Fully Furnished
  • Property Size: 1,000 Sqm
  • Land Size: 1,600 Sqm

Ad Description

Huge Teakwood Lanna Mansion in Court Foreclosure from Legal Dept. Freehold. Was 94 million baht, now 64 mil baht. It will not be lowered more because appraised at 94 million baht, and 30% is maximum discount.
This is for a discerning buyer who wants a gorgeous estate made from many many large teak poles, and top grade materials. In Mae Rim on the main road. I am not an agent but person to help with the sale of this home. Never been listed before. I have more information if interested.

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House for sale 1.5 km. from Central Festival, Chiang Mai-DoiSaket Rd.

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House for sale 1.5 km. from Central Festival, Chiang Mai-DoiSaket Rd. Sale price 4,500,000 baht - Land area 99 sq.wa.(396 sq.meter). - 4 bedrooms 3 bathrooms - air conditioners, hot showers, No furniture Location 1.5 km. from Central Festival. 500 meter from Sam Yak market. 1.5 km. from Rimping Michock Plaza. 1 km. from Big C on Super Highway Rd. Map location please check this link below. Ref: HS 1805 Please feel free to contact us for more information. ️Tel. 064-1521944 LINE ID : 0641521944

Chiang Mai Premium Lanna House under Construction

Chiang Mai Premium Lanna House under Construction

  • 23 May 2021 : 07:21 am

I will be elaborating on the property and everything in mention is supported in document, in visuality and in the feel of this property. Nothing is exaggerated and perhaps much is still underrated as the product is unfinished and requires professional eyes to properly admit to its merits. In pitching the property the fact that many expenditures came into play regarding a hillside build in design which borders rearward to a forest and down below across the roadway to Prem and Premburi. Along with the garden hill and other green spaces and with all of the incorporated design aspects and other projects in stage to evoke most certain pleasures in living. The emphasis on achieving a design here which are inherent when visualizing this property. We prefer to attract interest through such a lens and perhaps in its representation. This Lanna build is all about creating atmosphere and rooting the owners within the landscape. To nestle the property required extensive molding and workings of the land and in using the materials cleverly. House placement in regards to the sun was considered and an achievement here in delivering a cool structure with qualities abound in reducing temperatures as in using the forest's cover and the partial sinking of the structure into the hillside at an angle to advantage. These aspects go mostly unnoticed for the majority of onlookers but can be appreciated by some with a keen sense for architecture and function. The ultimate for the Lanna Build is a 2 bedroom plus a separate nook & loft area which can double as a guest accommodation along with 2 bathrooms plus the Bali style outdoor tub and area. At the heart of the house is the fireplace design with chimney and wood stove feature. It sets up the lower level in warmth and openness and in turn the upper levels with equal flair. A fantastic quality of light throughout within the open plan in the design and the fireplace's placement. Perhaps this premium design is best suited for a Family of 3 to 4 or a couple seeking a certain level in living and enjoyment. Plan wise on paper its a 5 bedroom, 3 baths but it would end up feeling numb like many houses do with all of the plan becoming enclosed as to achieve it. Some will try to use the open design choice as a negative to the 5 beds and 3 baths. By doing the suggested design everything is open with no such impediments to walls and doors and all but only one cement column remaining on the lower level with several 5-6 meter high ceiling openings throughout the house. I pointed out some ceilings and areas having been set up for mosaics and the remaining majority of the ceiling is in wood. The wood feature doubles on the second level as rich wood flooring and the fireplace design and area as the heart to the plan spans both levels. The window and sliding doors in design are impressive to say the least adding feel and do require the open plan to manufacture in having heights and desired visual perceptions in relevance. The only way for me to produce the design and my spec is when I have my own staff under my eyes and hand in producing the work. A One Drive link in regards to a catalog of pictures dating back along a timeline about the construction and work we have performed here regarding the overall property and the all important and necessary drainage and retaining wall aspects and the shaping of the forest and the grounds in taming the nature here and using it to best advantage. I plan on updating the link with some new photos soon. This link will help others realize just how much has been done in the set up as it becomes obvious in photo. Usual constructions are about getting the house in, built and out as quickly as possible mostly leaving the Customer to address all of the subsequent issues by themselves and at expense. Some buyers will say Ah more than 6 months is not viable, true in some cases perhaps. In realization of eagerness we decided to get a head start and built up the Lanna prior so that we may be able to offer it within a year in realization and build in delivering a habitable space all under our discounted rate without applying the finishes. Realistically more time will be required to polish and elevate the product afterwards and in creating finishes. In quick builds: On a flat squarish parcel, issues maybe limited. On a rice field build proper piles and piling and without that results will in time most likely become serious. Relating to a hillside a preparation must also be established beforehand to avoid serious issues as with that of a rice field build. Proper care and foresight in preparing the parcel goes a long way but actually its an ongoing process of making adjustments for some years going forward which we are doing and will be providing in support to our product here in the form of maintenance and management of. In the same link, details regarding the deeds and the forest areas in process which are part of a community plan as we are not the only ones in the program. I also provided some maps about drainage permissions that have been granted in regards to the property and other works. Other positives is that we have no wires and but a single post on the lots and along our side of the roadway, clearly another feature. These efforts and achievements we undertook allow for a quality and functional product to be put forth along with several gardens and green spaces and a healthy forest area in adding to the chenote's range. Pool and other water features going forth will be well in function providing a quality feel and perhaps a euphoric sense to the living. Our seven chenote are unusually wide and have excellent depth. 147 meters of frontage overall with an average of 35 meters in depth yielding upwards of 3 Rai. In adding forest space to the depth and up to an extended line on application the yield is upwards of 5 Rai. For example a quick calculation on the Lanna Build: We have 32 meters wall to gate post of frontage with approx. 35 meters of depth on chenote, then in adding 30-35% more to the depth to include up to the rear retaining wall and then up to the forest document line as to benefit. We see this as a significant bonus and some Customers may agree. Since we obtained the permissions and effected the works the property is so much more like a breath of fresh air and most pleasant views have been opened up. We recently installed a main under the Public Roadway drainage pipe after 4 years and moneys in Gov't processes. Permissions also had to be granted in association with Prem as to tap into their system going under and across the public roadway to join up with. Drainage work on our properties and water systems can now be tied into the under the road drains thus permitting Us to embark on projects like the pools, pond, well system to gardens and forest areas and in taming run off and related drainage. We are in position as to complete the overall planned premium amenities going forward in build. A property like this realistically moves along in stages, it takes time and investment to it set up. Look mostly things of this nature are reserved for the very few in Thailand. We haven't bent any rules here and it was done painstakingly and at expense and in care of. Its not your run of the mill construction and location. Due to these considerations the land arrangements should reflect wise and careful structuring in regards to ownership and I would recommend a purchase contract under and in conjunction with a lease since and because of the need to let the forest grant on application run its course. Subdividing the forest application to sell chenotes is not plausible as we have researched it and have been advised to wait until the forest document becomes official. In a practical sense non foreigners may shy but on the other hand foreigners may welcome this ownership structure since its the only legal option in the true sense to begin with. In regards to variations to our building price the garage, basement and terrace area as well as the pool on option must be considered in the pricing to arrive at fair value and in evaluating the Customers desired specifications

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House for sale in Land & House on Maejo Rd.

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House for sale in Land & House on Maejo Rd. Sale price 8,300,000 baht - Land area 126 sq.wa.(504 sq.meter). - 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, 1 working room, 1 maid room out side - 3 air conditioners , hot shower , No furniture. - Swimming pool, gym & security guard. Location 4 km. from Rimping super store, MeeChock Plaza. 20 minute drive to Central Festival. 30 minute drive to Chiang Mai city. Map location please check this link below. Ref: HS 1350 Please feel free to contact us for more information. ️ Tel. 064-1521944

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House for sale 2.5 km. from Rimping MeeChok plaza on Maejo Rd.

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House for sale 2.5 km. from Rimping MeeChok plaza on Maejo Rd. Sale price 5,700,000 baht - Land area 157 sq.wa.(628 sq.meter). - House are 400 sq.meter. - 3 bedrooms 3 bathrooms - air conditioners, hot showers, partly furnished. - security guard. Location 2.5 km. from Rimping MeeChok plaza. 2.5 km. from Super Highway Rd. 5 km. from Central Festival shopping mall. 15-20 minute drive to Chiang Mai city. Map location please check this link below. Ref: HS 1793 Please feel free to contact us for more information. ️Tel. 064-1521944 LINE ID : 0641521944