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35kva Ford-Dunlite Generator with ATS

Ad Description

35kva Ford-Dunlite Generator with ATS system.
Automatic Transfer system (ATS).
Last used as back-up power generator for small factory/Warehouse.
If your city power goes off, this unit will automatically start by itself and safely switch OFF the city power connection and open the generator power to your home or factory by Magnetic Breaker Switches.
When city power returns, generator will automatically shut down and re-connect you safely back to the city power connection by the magnetic breaker switches. “ 100% Safe”.
You will never be left in the Dark without power & Lights to your home or business.
Sale Price 350,000Bt or Sensible Offer ONLY
Also have contact details of generator electrician who can install and connect to your electric supply (This Service Not included in my sales price)
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