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A beautiful 2 story house with semi furniture and 2 kitchen for sale

  • San Sai
  • 28 Oct 2019 : 09:46 am
  • ID: 376646
  • Property Type: House / Villa
  • Number of Bedrooms: 5
  • Number of Bahtrooms: 4
  • Furnished: Semi Furnished
  • Property Size: 182 Sqm
  • Land Size: 537 Sqm

Ad Description

••• Price reduced from 6.900.000 •••
A modern house on two levels, ground floor and first floor, offer for future buyers and proprietors, which are looking for well-being and security, for their dear family and friends, very peaceful, permanent security guard services, with a panoramic view, impersonate breathtaking, on nature, mountains and fields and the cultivation of rice and rice fields.
Driving from Chiang Mai * Central Festival Shopping Mall * to the house, take time only seven kilometers (7 km) to admire the beauty and nature and relaxation, with family and friends.
Architect, respecting the most recent and the most innovative technologies, has designated the residential complex. All spaces are fully equipped, electrical equipment, air conditioning, and all the necessary accommodations to live, etc.
The date of delivery of the house and construction dates back four years and eight months (4.8 months).
The property is close to all the necessary facilities for the family, International School, shopping centers, etc.
Entrance gateway to the property and garden, main access of the property is through the main street, with a width of 6 meters, which allows easy access to the sliding door and main entrance to access the main courtyard, with green spaces and gardens and car parks.
1. The sliding entry door has a width: 3.50 m
2. Gardens 1: 145.20 m2
3. Gardens 2: 110.00 m2
4. Parking spaces for 8 cars: 121.00 m2
5. Space convenience and the technical area adjacent to the house: 27.50 m2
1. Main entrance: 5.50 m2
2. Living room: 28.40 m2
3. Office room: 15.20 m2
4. Kitchen, all facilities and equipment’s: 33.10 m2
5. Bathroom, sanitary: 3.80 m2
6. Space maid's room: 6.45 m2
7. Storeroom under the stairs: 4.95 m2
8. Main interior staircase giving access to the 1st floor: 4.40 m2
9. Exterior staircase on the main facade giving access to the living room: 5.40 m2
10. Toilet and sanitary outside in the courtyard, with two access doors from the kitchen and outside courtyard: 2.20 m2
1. Master bedroom 1: 22.75 m2
2. Master bedroom bathroom 1, sanitary: 2.60 m2
3. Master bedroom balcony: 3.15 m2
4. Bedroom 2: 12.92 m2
5. Bedroom 3: 12.92 m2
6. Bathroom 2, sanitary: 3.10 m2
a. The width of the stairs: 2.00 M.
b. Long stair up to the house: 3.50 M.
c. Width of each flight of stairs: 0.90 M.
a. At the center of the nature villages a large park and gardens.
b. Security guards.
c. Garbage collector scavenger.
d. Branches on the street in the village.
Village center fee and services: 16,104 ฿ Baht per year 520.96 US$ per year
The garbage fee and services: 100 ฿ Baht per year 3,23 US$ per year
Free conflagration insurance: (29/08/2017 to 29/08/2020) .
More details and pictures are available upon request.

For faster response please use line ID : Tonyusa
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