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Advertise your Legal Agency with Videos for Social Media and Website

  • Phuket
  • 18 Sep 2021 : 16:18 pm
  • ID: 379152

Ad Description

YouTube is grinding the search market. Those who want to make a purchase or call an expert want to be well informed first and observe in real time what they can do. Choosing not to use this method of communication could soon turn into a great regret for not having thought of it before.

Your next CORPORATE VIDEO MARKETING campaign with dp will help you to increase visibility and strengthen your brand.
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Any hotel or resort

Any hotel or resort

  • 13 Sep 2021 : 11:21 am

I am an ex 4-5*. hotelier with extensive experience 28 years in Thailand, and several elsewhere in SE Asia) in customer communications, and can work for any type of business requiring service support at any time of the day. Outgoing, helpful, patient.....Can also edit generally written company output onsite or remote. Possess proper communications etiquette, and am also social media savvy. 4-5* hotel GM, EU citizen in South, social media, FB etc......will work for only 15K per month, (covering my rent and bills) incl non-meat meals............ or... Pay me how you feel appropriate. I need mental stimulation........!!!!!!!