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Anchors ,chain and rode

  • Phuket
  • 18 Jun 2019 : 10:46 am
  • ID: 365391

Ad Description

Wayne’S World has a great selection of marine anchors ,chain and rode ,all sizes from 2 kilo to 200kilo ,most designs and brands .
Contact Wayne’S World on +66(0) 887535867, or visit our website at For directions to out Phuket Store
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Navionics compact flash cards ,Silver ,Gold &Platinum

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Wayne’S World has over 50 Navionics ,Compact Flash cards ,priced at 5,000bht each ,including the following ,but not limited to . 1.USA ,East. 2. Mid America andCaribean. 3. South Carolina and Florida. 4.North Carolina. 5.Boston and New York . 6.Chesapeake Bay. 7.South America. 8.Bahamas. 9. Hispaniola Grenada. 10.Venezuela To Guyana. 11. Torreón South . 12.Pacific Islands and Japan . 13. Australia. 14.New Zealand . 15.Australia East and North. 16.Pacific Islands CF N AV +. 17.China and Korea. 18. Med and Black Sea. 19.Azores and Portugal. 20.Africa and Middle East. 21.Gibraltar to Canary. 22.Turkey SW/Dodecanese. Delivered anyway worldwide ,postage included . Contact Wayne’S World on +66(0)887535867, or visit our website at