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  • Property Type: Townhouse
  • Number of Bedrooms: 3
  • Number of Bahtrooms: 2
  • Furnished: Semi Furnished
  • Property Size: 165 Sqm
  • Land Size: 70 Sqm

Ad Description

Many expats are leaving Thailand and making the move to the Philippines because of the more relaxed and welcoming attitude of the government in the Philippines. If you are wanting the night life of Patong, Pattaya or even Hua Hin then ANGELES CITY is the place to live in the Philippines. Located in Luzon Province Angeles was the home of the former Clark Airbase (US) and is within 1 hour of the beaches of Subic Bay and 3 hours of the mountains of Baguio. Living in the Philippines is especially easy because nearly everyone in the country speaks English to some degree and most peopple are very well mannered.


Our company has recently developed 12 townhouses in a quiet residential area that is becoming THE place to live in the Angeles area. Newly built wide (four lane) boulevards allow for quick access to the lively city center (15 minutes) or to the international airport (20 minutes). New malls, many new restaurants and convenience businesses have grown up in proximity to the townhouse area and with efficient public transportation readily available this townhouse development is more of an oasis. Of the 12, 2-floor,165sqm, 3 bedroom, large dine-in kitchen with very spacious living room homes that have been built 6 have been sold and others are under negotiation. The street is a cul-de-sac so the traffic is minimal but there is parking for each resident in front of their home. The developer has also built a small nicely shaded park for the townhome owners to relax and vist with one another and barbeque.

Each home is to Western standards and is the best value for the style, size and workmanship that you will find in the Angeles area. The townhomes are offered at 3.45 million Philippine Pesos each (about $75,000 USD). Generous financing is offered to qualified buyers with 20% downpayment, NO application fees, NO loan origination fees, etc. The homes can be financed for no less than 3 years and no greater than 7 years at an amortized interest of 8.5% per annum.

SO...if you wish to relocate to ANGELES, Pampanga, Luzon... PHILIPPINES you CAN buy a home at less than it would cost you to rent an apartment in your home country. We have representatives in the area who would be happy to schedule a showing. (SEE THE ATTACHED PHOTOS for a first look at the properties.)
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