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Apple Mac Mini Memory

Ad Description

Bought New Mac Mini (2018/2020) 3rd July 2020 have upgraded memory have these 2 units spare.
Price includes EMS/Kerry postage.
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LeCie Porche Design 1TB External Drive

LeCie Porche Design 1TB External Drive

  • 02 Jul 2020 : 08:23 am

Unrequired present,works with Apple Mac and Windows perfectly. Solid Aluminium case,well reviewed,buying price ฿3700. I already have a matching Mini Stacking case,to go with my Mac Mini 2014 (they are really identical and therefore stack perfectly one on top of the other) regrettably making the LeCie redundent. Plugs straight into computer no external power supply required. Good as Apple Time machine or to take large files (eg music/films/photos/files) away from main computer. Price includes postage (EMS/Kerry)