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Aqua cycle - Physical Therapy - Osteoporosis - Joint Pain - Reduced

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Underwater Cycling Provides Great Fitness Without Stress

What Is Aqua Cycling?

Aqua cycling is a fitness trend started by a physical therapist.
Cycling underwater can heal athletes suffering from knee problems.
It works by having a stationary bike placed within four feet of water. People then begin to sit and pedal away against the water’s natural resistance. This results in a full body workout that is a massive calorie burner.
Aqua cycling is revered amongst fitness aficionados because it provides a new way to workout and helps reduce body fat.

For aging athletes or even those of us approaching "mature athlete" status, working out can become more of a challenge. 
As we age, conditions such as arthritis and injury-related issues become more problematic in our attempts to continue training, lifting, running, and so forth. 

People often write off exercise due to age, joint problems, or mobility issues but this study shows a viable solution.

An exercise bike in a pool is a great alternative since you still receive the workout benefits and lower stress of moving in the water, which results in a lowered chance of injury.

Benefits Of Aquacycling

Destroys Cellulite

Aqua cycling’s main advantage is its ability to reduce the amount of fat stored in your body. On average, 800 calories are burned within an hour. 
Cycling underwater creates natural friction between your skin and the water. This results in a massaging action that helps regulate and drain the lymphatic system. You should try aqua cycling if you’re looking for a new and natural way to remove unwanted cellulite.

Treats Joint Pain

Aqua cycling gives the benefit of a water exercise while serving as a form of physical therapy for joint pain. 
People who are diagnosed with osteoporosis should give aqua cycling a chance.
This is because it rehabilitates and cures their pain within a few weeks of taking an aqua cycling class. When you start to exercise underwater, it dramatically reduces the amount of weight and impact you’ll place on your joints. Also, the water’s buoyancy helps prevent falls and injuries from occurring.

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