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ATV 200cc Konik Z200

  • Make: Other
  • Model: Other
  • Year: 2020
  • Body Type: Dirtbike / Offroad
  • Color: Many
  • Condition: Brand New
  • Mileage: O
  • Engine Size (cc): 150 - 499cc

Ad Description

This the latest Konik ATV workhorse .
It’s design it Italian, it’s been in production for 6 years , it’s part Thai and part Chinese , it’s battery and tires are Thai made for stronger performance, it rarely goes wrong , it’s used are / have been small holdings / fishermen/ trekkers / rental tour/ farm use / and more , it has many accessories that can be added that includes big boxes front and rear , spots , petrol can holder as spare , big boom box , big strong steel front bumper if need that can push plus more .
It comes as standard as Red and Black but can be special custom painted as Titanium Purple with a very strong chassis ,.the automatic gearing is capable of pulling a larger ATV trailer .
Its auto gear shift is close to the handlebars .
It is a bigger size body than normal 200cc.

It can be delivered to your home from stock with No deposit or No cash up front just pay the driver cash /card / internet banking .Can deliver as early as next day with our driver showing tution service .
A one year Konik warranty / service your home / service workshop / spare parts / technical 24 hr call .

Standard Red Black 72.000bht
Custom Colors 75.000bht *( Any color possible ) .
Please contact for website
whatsapp +66 0895332138
0895332138 Chilli
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Brand New ,New arrival 2020. Konik brand designed

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This is the very popular Thai / Chinese made Z200 , it has been in production now for 6 years , originally designed in Italy . It has been very popular with small holdings / fishermen / small farms / trekking / rental companies for exploration terrain, it has many accessories that are available such as Big box with rear backrest/ front box / spots/ Big steel strong bumper that can be used for pushing / music box ATV designed / towing / USB port / cigar port . It has a Thai made battery and tires for more lasting strength. Comes in red / black with several colored graphics. This is new 200cc name Hunter200cc just arrive . Costing only 72.000 bht . *Choice of colors * Test drive Bangkok *Delivery * Spares * Warranty *Service * Aftercare support . We have other 125cc 150cc 200cc 300cc 550cc 1000cc Atv / Utv different models . Please contact email / whatsapp +660895332138

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Very popular Konik Z200 Latest model 2020

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