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Unusual collection of shells purchased individually while in Australia 23 years ago. There are 36 fine quality shells to be sold as a collection only. Individually many of the larger or more decorated shells are worth 1-1,250 thb each.
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  • 28 Feb 2023 : 12:16 pm

Purchased directly from the artistic commune in Cairo, Egypt in 2017 this large (190 cm , 6 ft by 85 cm, 3 ft) depicts iconographic images of ancient pharaohs, the pyramids on the Great Plain of Giza and other symbols of Egypt when it was the world's most advanced civilization. The canvas is made from papyrus the same as it would have been 2,000 years ago. Harvested from the seas of reeds that grow along the Nile this crop is dried and tightly woven into a tight mat able to absorb and hold paint. This fragile canvas is most often found used for written documents or small paintings. The size of this painting offered here make it highly unusual if not RARE. When viewing the Cairo artisans commune gallery this was the largest painting they had featured. It was not painted for the tourist trade but was exhibited to demonstrate the quality of work the studio was capable of doing. After exposure to light (artificial or natural) the painting will become luminescent because of the special paint pigments used in the production of this masterful work of art and history. When the painting shines in the darkness it reveals a scene unlike the image you see in the day. Framed in a white enamel frame with silver highlights. The image is behind strong single pane glass and museum mounted with hinges in order to float in the frame. Extra strength triple steel strains to support the framed painting as a wall hanging.



  • 28 Feb 2023 : 12:18 pm

This 66 cm long by 10 cm wide transportation tube is handmade from porous weave bamboo. The tube is lightweight and allows the paintings being transported to breath and avoid damage to the works inside. The tube can easily hold ten paintings. Assembled in TIBET, this tube has travelled to Nepal, India, Myanmar, the Philippines, Laos.... looking for regional art. Because of its unassuming appearance the tube doesn't often draw the attention of customs or immigration. The tube fits easily into overhead compartments on flights.