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Bar in Soi Made Thailand for Take Over

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All information in the photo
please contact us only when you are in Pattaya,
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9in1 Online Product Launch Your ROI 1x, 2x, 3x

9in1 Online Product Launch Your ROI 1x, 2x, 3x

  • 30 Sep 2019 : 11:06 am

This project is in progress and is going to create up to 9 Different online revenue generating products from the same generated Niche Business information When I wrote Up to.. it is simply because first couple of products we will be launching can be generating so much revenue and take up much time, that there will be no resource available to develop them, a situation that could be solved by adding more resources to business, and will be decided as the time we receive them. We have been in work on our products since January and we have of course not 9 complete online products, we are less than one week to launch what we think will be one of the main products, first launched will be Subscription to one of our selected High in Demand Niches. To be able to complete products development we are looking into one serious investor that understand processes of products launches which can be activated with one of our 3 ways of getting partner agreement secured 1. $3.500 payment for 100% ROI 2. $7.500 payment for 200% ROI, 2 times payment accepted(Month 1 and Month 3) 3. $10.000 payment for 300% ROI, 3 times payment accepted(Month 1, Month 3 and Month 5) What is in it for a new partner. 1. Great ROI 2. Yearly Partner Bonus. $3500 investment First year will recieve 5% of revenue $7500 investment First year will recieve 12% of revenue $10000 investment First year will recieve 30% of revenue For the highest Investment, partner bonus and ROI can end in a total revenue on $40.000, and that is without all additional products launches that we will be scheduleding. If you have any question such as 1. What other products will you be launching 2. Do you have a plan 3. Do you have a budget Then please sent me your message and I will respond to you Kind Regards

Pattaya Soi Honey Massage Shop/Bar/13 Room Guesthouse

Pattaya Soi Honey Massage Shop/Bar/13 Room Guesthouse

  • 09 Oct 2019 : 10:37 am

This special commercial property is super located in soi Honey hardly a few minutes walking distance to Central Festival and Pattaya beach. It is a perfect location for a massage shop; the ground floor has a separated large room with massage beds with extra smaller rooms on the second floor also used for private massage treatment. The ground floor is also set up as a bar and it has a separated reception desk for the 13 rooms upstairs (2 extra rooms ground floor). The rooms are in perfect condition, only the ground floor massage parlor needs upgrade with new furniture and repainting. The rent is 80,000.00 THB (2,500.00 USD) per month. To take over this business it needs a one-time key money from only 1,280,000.00 THB + 1 month rental + 3 months refundable deposit. To move in the total price is 1,600,000.00 THB (50,200.00 USD) All in with no option for discount. The owner not wants to be contacted for the takeover so please contact us. 0876076238.