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Beautiful Debuchy by Toulet foosball table

Ad Description

Fruit of a collaboration between Debuchy by Toulet and Alain Gilles; the Pure football table is posed as the translation of what design can bring to an object that has become common. For inspiration, the Scandinavian style, without a shadow of a doubt. For a gateway to the world of football, see its shape like that of a stadium, seen from the sky. But everyone is free to see what they want and this is one of the strengths of this The Pure design table football : react and inspire.

Frame :
All our foosball are numbered, guaranteed, certified and labeled
Official competition pitch
Wooden structure
Massive oak wood for legs and top
Thermoformed shell
Chromed, dawn steel telescopic bars, diameter 15mm
Centralized balls return
Gerflex covering
Chromed steel ironsmith

Standard players in chromed aluminum screen printed which allow a play of the head, heel worked with laser for a better grip of the ball
Specific series handles: mid-length; with soft grip rubbers (non-slip and anti-perspirants) white, black or gray. Optionally, long or round handles.
Mechanical abacus
High-end brushed stainless steel goal bowls
Mounted on cylinders for leveling

External dimensions: L 169 x W 93 x h 98 cm
Weight: 90kg
Comes with 1 set of 11 cork balls
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