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December Special Promo - FREE Pool Equipment | Fiberglass Pools

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LOCK-IN your order this DECEMBER for next year's installation! Get all these FREE POOL EQUIPMENT with your order this Holiday Season! What pool-size do you want? Contact us for more details

5-7 Days installation, 30 Year Structural Warranty - 47 Years of Fiberglass Pool Expertise! Contact us Now

Eng: Bob | 0843365905

ไทย: K. Sam 0948687823
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Fiberglass pool is environmentally friendly, fast to install (5-7 days!), easy to maintain, energy-efficient, and uses far fewer chemicals than any other in-ground pool. If you love the idea of a swimming pool but are concerned about the cost of ownership or the hassle of taking care of a swimming pool, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve done the research and made it easy to compare a fiberglass pool to other in-ground swimming pools, which may help you decide that a fiberglass pool is affordable and ideal for your busy family.

All our fiberglass pools can be either in-ground or above ground pool version.

We have a large range of fiberglass pools you can choose dimensions from. Call or send us a message to get more details. Send us your location where you want to install the pool and what size do you prefer.

*Price rates include Delivery to most Areas & VAT including installation. Price also includes:

• 40cm Concrete Surrounds
• Skimmer and two Returns
• High-Quality Rate Pump & Sand Filter
• Cleaning Equipment
• Start-up Chemicals


Eng: Bob | 0843365905

ไทย: K. Sam | 0948687823

Visit our website & Facebook Page: Pool World Thailand

* Easy & Quick to Install 5-7 Days Installation..!
* Low Maintenance
* Use Far Fewer Chemicals
* Works well with Saltwater System
* Energy Efficient
* All Pools can be In-ground or Above Ground
* Strong Structure & Build to Last
* And so much more!

We offer 30 Years Structural Warranty on our Fiberglass Pools & Our company has been in the business for 47 years of Experience & Expertise in the Fiberglass Pool Industry. Trust that you will be in good hands! Choose Fiberglass Pool Now..!

WANT A QUOTE? WANT AN ONSITE INSPECTION? Contact Us Now! We would be happy to set up an estimated quote or an onsite inspection for you.

Visit our website & Facebook Page: Pool World Thailand

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