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Best restaurant & wine house shoking price 1.5 only

  • Krabi
  • 13 Mar 2020 : 10:42 am
  • ID: 387225

Ad Description

restaurant number one on tripadvisor ,full every night,walk in wine cellar,live music ,beautifull setting,income secure ,low rent,(possible expand wkith 10 rooms),main road of ao nang,in front of tesco lotus.

60/70 seat
can be sold with name(3 mil) or no name (2 mil)
deal is possible

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Shop ready for use and make money (no key money !)

Shop ready for use and make money (no key money !)

  • 20 Mar 2020 : 10:13 am

Shop ready for use and make money (no key money !) Included one place in Phuket Kata market, you can start working now ! "Crêpes French Style" that's a very famous and attractive concept, but nobody do it because it needs to be teached for make it well.. You can find crêpes 'Thai Style" everywhere but the French Style is really different, you will not have competitors...... All is inclusive in each small details, nothing is missing, even for the best choice to choose food and suppliers. Menu already done and printed Organized to keep the food always stays fresh (Ham, cheese and so on...) Everything looks very clean (European standart) to gain the confidence of the foreigners... For example one crêpe Ham and cheese can be sell 80 baht, it will cost you 28 baht, profit margin is 52 baht. I will give a full training to allowed you to make french crêpes, you can be sure to get success with this business. If you don't have a car to bring the things for working, I have one saleng (side car) for sell. I built this for my girlfriend, but she scared driving saleng !!! that's the reason why I am selling this business. All inclusive 40 000 baht, you cannot get cheaper to start one business in Thailand !!

Gas installation service

Gas installation service

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