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Bike- and Utility Trailer for Sale, FULLY Street legal

  • Mae Taeng
  • 11 Jun 2020 : 21:05 pm
  • ID: 357454

Ad Description

Bike- and Utility Trailer, Fully Street Legal with Blue Book, License Plate, Road Sign Trailer, Tax and Insurance until 10.04.2021

Overall Size inside: 160 x 236 x 75 cm

Registered in 04/2015
Made from European Verified Welder
Single-Axle with Rubber Torsion from the Leader ALKO
Gross Weight 750 KG
Trailer Weight: 280 KG
Payload 470 KG


- Single Person can easy Load the biggest Motorbike
- Ride up your Big on the Ramp
- Safe and easy Towing, even by 130 km/h
- can delivered anywhere in Thailand
- Upgraded with higher fence for convenient Transportation of smaller Good
-already prepared for the frame & canvas cover
- customize it up to our needs

Below there are links with a Video „How to use it“ and Detail Informations about the Legal Documents

79.950 TBH – Call Manfred: 081 928 3880 (German/English)

Tel. 089-8847 148 (TH/EN)

Q & A:

Q: Is there a Discount available?
A: The Price is fixed and will be include the Delivery for FREE up to 350 KM
Q: How much is a Tow Bar?
A: A Good one about 4-5 K
Q: Is there more included within this Price?
A: YES! I will give you all important Documents for easy Transfer. On Top of that you will get a List with all Suppliers, in Case of Upgrades or Spare Parts needed. And also the Supplier from my very strong Tow Bar.
Q: What is the current Hook up?
A: I tow it with my Isuzu 3.0 TD. The Middle Height of my Tow Bar is 420 mm, but you can adjust the Trailer to your own Vehicle. To be on the safe Side and for your Convience, I will deliver it!
Q: I want have a higher Payload, what to do?
A: First of all, the Trailer is build is strong ann can easy carry 1.000 KG, but the Axle have its limitations. In this Case, you can install a stronger Axle, e.G. a Twin Axle. The same is true, if you need a wider Trailer, then replace this Axle with a longer One.
Q: In the Video I can see the Trailer in yellow without the Fence, why?
A: This was the Version 1. I welded the Rail and paint it in black. BTW, in the book is stated the colors yellow and Black. Therefor everything is correct and legal.
Q: What is the Size of the Tires?
A: 165/65/R14

For more Questions, just give me a CALL!

P.S. Emails and Text Messages will be ignored - GIVE ME A CALL!!!!!!

More Informations:

Video how to load:

Legal Docs in Dropbox:
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