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boots- biker boots sice 44- 45 3600 tbh

  • Na Klang
  • 01 May 2021 : 11:33 am
  • ID: 408052

Ad Description

super solide biker stiefel.
neu besohld und linken stiefel verstaerkt so dass der schalthebel den stiefel nicht durchscheuert.
keine schweisstreter.
super solid biker boots.
new soled and left boot reinforced so that the gear lever does not chafe through the boot.
no swet boots.
3600 tbh
still have many other things for sale like
perlett gun baretta with gas and perletts
2 walky talky new complete
honda 150 cc 2 stroke engine complete. many parts for honda steed 400 from taped cover . harley look engine cover and many handle bars for different bikes lots and lots of stuff. tyre new for kawa 125 cc and and and and.
just send mail if u need something. maby i have got it.
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