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Boxing Bag, boxing gloves, pads, twins backpack

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Original products
Bag 80lbs. 1500 baht
Gloves 1200 to 1500 baht
Pads 1500 baht
Twins backpack 1950 baht
All equipment in my Fightholics shop
Location in huay yai
Google map
Lookyamo Training Camp
We offer Muay Thai and brasilian jiu jitsu, western boxing and MMA for beginner and advanced
Find us in Facebook Guido wedekind or lookyamo Training Camp
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1630 Pelican ABS waterproof Travel-equipment case

1630 Pelican ABS waterproof Travel-equipment case

  • 14 May 2021 : 08:45 am

model 1630 Pelican ABS heavy weather-waterproof- drop proof equipment case. Pelican 1630 ABS waterproof travel-luggage- equipment safety case. On wheels with handles for air travel etc. commonly used for tech gear, electronic equipment or anything requiring safety and air-=humidity control; Rugged carrying handle; new wheels installed last year. Less than half price from local prices. Qty 3 available. has foam inserts. Used one time to ship items from Dubai to Thailand.