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California Style Premium House and Location MaeRim

  • Mae Rim
  • 30 Aug 2021 : 19:30 pm
  • ID: 296398
  • Property Type: House / Villa
  • Number of Bedrooms: 3
  • Number of Bahtrooms: 3
  • Furnished: --
  • Property Size: --
  • Land Size: --

Ad Description

Structures can be owned outright and consequently sold and traded by a foreigner providing the land is part of a lease made out to that foreigner. In the event of selling a structure at a future time, a new lease must be re issued at that time and juncture. Please reference the PARAGRAPH ON LAND in add number 296629, which explains options on other possible land arrangements within our project (Recommended, Chiang Mai Lawyer Siam Legal).

Main House is an habitable area at present, then the secondary house to form the L shape is near to habitable. At the opposite end and other side to the main house a large garage/hobby structure and is dug into the hillside. (Dugged out, land modeled, footings and support walls in, graveled and compacted and readying next steps).

Atop the dugged out garage/hobby area, we are projecting a large terrace with many possibilities and options; a garden space, a pool and pool house, tropical fish feature and waterfall, putting green, pergola ect depending on needs and desire, all in forming the top part feel of that space. This area also acts as to close up the L at this end with that open ended garden terrace, pool and pool house elevated feel. The terrace level is matched to the main house level and forest hill wise as to flow and harmonize much like a perch looking onto the garden hill areas.

The garage space has impressive interior height clearances of approx. 2.8 to 3 meters. Around 17 m X 12 m within that bottom space, divided up as follows; A part is used up by the pool or koi pond and waterfall area on top (pool dimensions 4.88 x 9.55), B part as a room for the water equipment, house electrical's (On phase 3 power) and related apparatus, C part for parking of a small yacht (12 x 5), D part for a car and motorcycles or other hobbies (5 x 6) and E part has a cut out to a car port and car washing area (7 x 5). The interior space of the garage was designed and is enough to accommodate a Small Yacht and or a variety of other hobbies with wonderful ceiling heights, windows abound and storage's. 155sqm in total less the pool space @95sqm. The terrace on top with a pool, pool house and garden area, have near to comparable dimensions to the 155sqm.

The overall span of the main house and its structures as laid out, stands at an impressive 57 meters in width, providing a feeling of grand space amid an elevated and most un congested and lite design, all the while with that hillside, garden and forest euphoria all abound. The California style is all about easy and great functionality in living style. The California also requires an overly wide lot design and are most uncommon. Lots are usually narrow in width and deeper in dimension. The (7) Chenoted lots of our total area are very special, elevated and rare in width, bordering up to the rear to a forest reserve with document under process. To the front by public road directly opposite Prem and Premburi. None as premium in the Prem vicinity, surely the epitome here. The forest area adds several rai rearward across the 147 meters of the combined lot widths. A measurable bonus in my opinion with no chance of anything being built up rearward. It just opens up the property all the more, clearly another factor in overall premium quality.

The main house interior ceiling heights stand at 3.4 meters clearances, well above the 2.8 or lower in spec commonly found. This allows for large and high window designs with sublime views, to have been incorporated. A conclusive feeling of like you are outside regarding the open views, but actually comfortably inside. The views are therefore unobstructed by lower roof lines showing up in the window space as is often the case and a common disappointment. Time and money well spent in achieving that million dollar house feel. The design and Theme here is that of a Ship towering above the greenery. Round ship like hatch windows where used in and around the structure, as well other curved window shapes in the design which are also a rarity here. We (the owners) and at Tabun Management Maerim (our company) take credit in having designed the works and effected mostly all of it with our own construction staff, trained by myself (excluding electric and some of the roofing only). The windows had to be custom built by Windsor Windows under my guidance. The window concrete framing's where done in re bared concrete by Us prior, as to protect the structural integrity of the window frames which is another rarity here.

In order to achieve the Perched Ship and wonderment the lots had to be modeled for the house to sit on, atop. Careful choices and knowledge's as in choosing the house angle, placement and elevations. Substantial moneys and time as to build up and in modeling the grounds as to accommodate. Retaining walls areas and features are required to be built in, for a house to sit atop like this. Here drainage and hardscape is also an important aspect as sometimes intense water runs offs from the mountain hills occur and must be drained away from the structures and ultimately channeled off the property. We recently installed a main under the Public Roadway drainage pipe after 4 years and moneys in Gov't processes, no easy feat (Permissions also had to be granted, with Prem International School as to tap into their system across to the public roadway). Previous drainage work on our properties and water systems can now be tied into the under road drain pipe thus permitting Us to embark on projects like the pools, pond, a well system to supply the gardens and forest with water. We are in position as to complete the overall planned premium amenities going forward.

Ball park, 8-12 million to elevate the remainder into a finished product. This is not my first project of this nature and i usually just do this, i offer it up for sale along the way. Our Families goal @ Tabun Management Maerim was to comfortably invest in premium luxury properties measuring a safe as can be expected investment as possible. Ticking all the right boxes is best.

Near to here some high end rice field constructions are going up and without emphasis on location or solid ground. I often say, but is it a good house? Case in point a rice field luxury property which took 4 years to build has now come under a listing by Chiang Mai Green Property, asking 59m, now reduced to 39m.

Refer to add 266544 Build2 and 254634 Build3 and 296629 The Hill, as that would help in visualizing a more complete and accurate picture of the overall grounds here. The Hill Lots consist of two separate lots at 1.4 rai, reference number 296629. The Hill acts as the buffering between the Main House (this add) and the other Premium House under construction, Build2 add 266544. The 254634 add on Build3 represents another lot at the opposite end of this add and is divided by an impressive stone wall.

I like to refer to this California House, as Build1'
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