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Call Center Services

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In today’s fast-paced marketing and sales environment there has never been a greater need for quality operations, quality data and quality people as the rock-steady backbone of any business operation.

Call Centre Guru offers a full range of call centre Training, Management, and Consultancy Services aimed at delivering strong bottom-line results for your company that are efficient, effective, and accountable.

These may integrate seamlessly into your existing marketing plan or require a radical, outside-the-box guerilla strategy. Either way, we have the expertise to help.

• Customer Care
• Technical Support
• Market Research
• Fulfillment support
• Nominations and referrals
• Up selling
• Members services
• Booking services
• Payment receipt

Outbound – local, regional, and international
• Tele-sales
• Tele-marketing
• Market Research
• Data Cleansing
• Marketing program support
• Lead follow up
• Customer Care
• Nominations and referrals
• Event marketing
• Up selling
• Payment receipt

Call Center Guru à We have great ideas. Many to you

At Call Center Guru, we are leaders in the call center business. We offer a full range of call center services and consultancy with the goal of maximizing your company's profits. What you need may be a service that can be seamlessly integrated into your marketing plan. Or maybe a totally revolutionary system for you ...

We offer a variety of channels, including telephone, fax, sms, skype, or email to specific customers (not spam).

Phone service

Incoming call
- Customer service - Up sell
- provide technical assistance - member services
- Market research - Booking services
- provide assistance according to customer needs - payment receipt
- Offer names and recommend names

Line out
- Telephone sales - Customer service
- Telephone marketing - List of names and recommend lists
- Market research - Marketing activities
- Proof of data - Up sell
- Support marketing projects - Payment receipt
- Track sales opportunities

Communicate in many languages. - Reach your target customers.

Increase the efficiency of your telephone service center.
Develop membership system
Telephone service center structure
Database administration

Try calling us and proving how Call Center Guru can help your executives smile.
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