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Car​ seat

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Kinder car seat, child seat from Storchenmühle (Starlight SP) German brand quality for children from 9 kg to approx. 36 kg. Tested according to ECE test standard R44. Easy to attach in every vehicle. With integrated five point belt, optimal height adjustment of the headrest and shoulder belt through integrated height adjustment. easy adjustment of the resting position patented automatic belt tighter various sitting positions possible thanks to the integrated seat reduce the size. All covers are removable and can be machine-washed up to 30 ° and exchanged at any time with a new cover. The child car seat had a new price of 199 € (approx. 7000 Baht) The child car seat is used and technically in perfect condition. The cover is very badly attacked and needs to be renewed. Shipping is possible if the costs are covered.
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