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Chicken Rotiserie

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Barley used, maybe a week, chicken rotisserie. Gas and electric. In Chiang Mai. Need any other equipment I have it.
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Wine Cooler exellente condition with Garanty 3 more years

Wine Cooler exellente condition with Garanty 3 more years

  • 20 Feb 2021 : 14:42 pm

The compressor still has a 3 year warranty. He also still has 1.5 years of premium online support. Description: Maintain the quality of your wine bottle and keep the flavor very well. It has a sleek and modern design, easy to use with a LED screen, a specially designed bottle holder which is strong, durable, supports the weight It can hold up to 50 bottles of wine. Property: It can be chilled from 5-20 Celsius to store white and red wine. Beech wood shelves help reduce vibrations. Each shelf can place the bottles in one level or stackable bottles. The touch screen works via the LED screen for precise temperature control. Inside the cabinet you can see clearly in cold lighting. Convenient to use with the humidity control box, it helps to keep the humidity level inside the cabinet up to 50-80%. The 3-layer Low-E glass door reduces cold loss. Water drop adhesion and UV cut to maintain wine quality.