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MOM (Magic Circles) Paperback – April 24, 2020
by Collin Piprel ...Colin other books in stock such as Kicking dogs, Bangkok Knights, Bangkok old hand etc..
MOM is the mall operations manager - the greatest intelligence in history, a machine awakened to self-awareness at a time when the last few human survivors have withdrawn to the last two remaining refuges on Earth. Quarantined from the global nanobot superorganism outside the malls and from each other inside, the mallsters are utterly dependent on MOM for everything — including the only, evermore suspect information they have about the world Outside.

Now the malls are crumbling.
Praise for MOM, Book 1 in the Magic Circles Series:

"The extra-sensorial journey, the unspooling of the central mystery, and the story's moving climax are byyond mind-blowing"

        - Paul Dorsey, The Nation (Bangkok)

"MOM is a big bang of a novel with many big ideas... Old Asia hands, sci-fi fans, and readers of quality fiction who enjoy complex and entertaining yarns should enjoy MOM."

        - Kevin Cummings, Thailand Footprint

"This book will take you on the craziest trip you've ever been on. And it will make you question everything."


Genesis 2.0 (Magic Circles) (Volume 2)

A nanobot superorganism lays waste to the Earth. Is this the apocalypse? Or does the world's end harbor new beginnings? Life will always find a way. Though some ways are better than others. Evolution on steroids - the most significant development since inanimate matter first gave rise to life. You can't predict novel evolutionary developments, you recognize them only after they emerge. Then you have to deal with them.
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