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Dining table to Pool table in a finger snap - Fusion dining pool table

  • Chatuchak
  • 20 Mar 2021 : 18:15 pm
  • ID: 348547

Ad Description

Elegant, refined Dining Table that you can switch to be a fully quality pool table in a few minutes! A Fusion table is the only dining/pool table in the world that has a unique patented leveling system and allows you to change its height to be comfortable to either eat (low position) or play (high position). It only needs a "click lift" that a person alone may accomplish!

These tables are made in Aramith factory in Belgium by transforming Powder Coated steel, veneered wood, MDF, varnish and lacquer into pleasure. When this revolutionary dining/pool table was first introduced into stores, many customers wanted to order additional furniture to complete the dining room: benches, chairs and Reverso dining tops were designed available and the Fusiontables collection was born! (Optional and customizable)

We import them exclusively and are recommended by countless customers!
Pricing starts @ 275'000 bahts depending on chosen options.
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