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Do You Need A Swimming Pool/ Spa Direct From Manufacturer

Ad Description

Do you need a swimming pool or Spa
Direct from Manufacturer
Fiberglass Pools Highest Quality - Any Place
This Beautiful pool we build them in 1 week
in your garden.At any place in Thailand.
in 19 Different Colors.
Premium quality. 10-year warranty on the fiberglass body.
Our company is there in Thailand for over 20 years
Hundreds of pools are already built.
Trust in the experience.
Our Pools are made in Best German Thai Quality.
Directly from the Manufacturer Grade AAA Quality produced in Thailand.
Our Company has experts from Germany and Australia.these guarantees for highest quality in Fiber glass construction.
Make Your Dream Pool come true.
You can order a high-quality pool. At any place in Thailand.
ready to swim in 1 week.
The Price Includes
* 30- 40 Cemented sand washed border. antislip
* Pump house / shed with pump and filter / electrics etc.
* Jacuzzi / whirlpool with remote control
* LED underwater light with remote control Switchable in all colors.
* All accessories needed for cleaning and pool service.
* 19 Different Colors.
Why Fiberglass
No long waiting time (order to delivery)
very short installation time (4-7 days)
100% Waterproof- No sharp edges.
non-slip - UV, salt water and chlorine resistant.
Fiberglass retains its strength even in old age.
many times stronger than concrete.
Algae structure complicates the surface.
This drastically reduced energy consumption.
protects the filter system.
Fiberglass pools require less chlorine
easier to clean.
Each pool has underwater LED Lighting. Reversible in many colours with remote.

If You have questions about Swimming Pools
Whether Fiberglass or concrete.Salt water or chlorine water.
Send your questions by email or call us.
Tel. 0810042432

AEU Pools !!! Trust in the experience.
we have also Grade AAA Fiberglass Pools in
4.5 x 3 x 1,2
6 x 3 x 1,5 or 1,2
7,5 x 2,1 x 1,2 included Counter-jet
8 x 4,5 x 1,5 or 1,2 included jacuzzi Spa
12 x 4,5 x 1,2 -1,8 included jacuzzi Spa
New Modells 2108
10 x 3.1 x 1.2
5.50 x 2.10 x 1.30 inkl jacuzzi
5.90 x 3.20 x 1.30 inkl Jacuzzi

Price up 423,000 baht.

Send us your request.
We have an answer to every question
We can also arrange to you about an appointment in our office in Bangkok
AEU Pools Sale Charoenklang Deutsch / German Englisch Thai
Hotline 0810042432
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