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Does your website need a redesign?

  • Phuket
  • 29 Mar 2021 : 21:58 pm
  • ID: 418816

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Stand out with beautifully designed websites that amaze your customers and drives results to your business.

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I will create a stunning YouTube video intro logo animation

I will create a stunning YouTube video intro logo animation

  • 31 Mar 2021 : 20:25 pm

***PLEASE CONTACT ME AND ASK ME ANYTHING PRIOR TO PLACE AN ORDER*** **ALL VIDEOS ARE IN HIGH RESOLUTION FORMAT** *I CAN DO CUSTOM ORDER IF THE FEATURE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR IS NOT LISTED** SEE VIDEO PORTFOLIO HERE: This GIG is for an animated logo intro video that you can use in your YouTube Channel, website, Twitch, Linkedin, Instagram and any social media network. Each video is carefully designed to look professional no matter which one is the purpose. Promote your latest YouTube video, create a viral sensational channel or just share a funny moment with your followers, all without skipping a beat. Captivate your audience with enhanced audio tracks with everything from alternative beats to soulful jazz. Spend less time editing YouTube and more time creating your own videos. An intro video is the perfect way to present your logo to the world. Here are three quick steps to success. 1- Send me your logo (PNG Transparent or SVG/AI) 2- Send me your slogan (very short message or URL of your business website) 3- Tell me what's your business is about is not evident from the logo (eg: Illinois Alternative Rock Radio) MY COMMITMENT 100% satisfaction guarantee 100% Support 100% deliver on time YOUR BENEFITS Full HD videos Commercial use Fast and Express delivery Unlimited Revisions That's it, sit back and relax, I will do the rest. Give it a try! FAQ I don't have a logo yet, what can I do? I can design your logo for a fee that we can agree together (please contact me first) I don't have a slogan, can you suggest one? Yes I can write your slogan according to the type of logo intro / business etc. I don't know much about logo colors and fonts No worries, we try to match your logos colors and to use fonts that go well together I am not sure how to fit the logo intro in my video can you also do that for me? Yes I can do it, provided that you will send me th video and that we can agreed into an extra fee that will break you bank :) I am OK with everything you do I get started? You need to send me the logo, a slogan or name of website / YouTube channel and a short message (20 characters max) Why only 30 characters in the message or slogan? Logo intros are meant to be fast and effective, there is no time for the viewer to read log lines, additionally they will concentrate on reading thus loose the "WOW" effect of the animation.

Sell ​​IT Equipment

Sell ​​IT Equipment

  • 04 Feb 2021 : 16:49 pm

Sell ​​IT equipment There is an installation service by a team of technicians and for other provinces, a delivery service is available by Kerry Express. Product list 1. Temperature detector price 2,999 baht 2. Liquid dispenser + heat meter, price 3,599 baht 3. IP Camera Robot 2.0 million Mega Pixels, price 2,500 baht 4. Analog home surveillance camera set 2.0 million, 4 cameras, price 6,888 baht 5. Analog home surveillance camera set 2.0 million, 8 cameras, price 10,999 baht 6. Pressing a button card machine, price 9,900 baht 7. Face scanner and hand scan, price 15,250 baht 8. Automatic garage door set, starting price 19,999 baht Call : 094-9196870 Id Line : procon99

I will create a vibrant, stunning logo design for your business

I will create a vibrant, stunning logo design for your business

  • 31 Mar 2021 : 20:16 pm

**PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER. IT IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA TO SHARE A QUICK CHAT AND TALK OF YOUR REQUIREMENTS** A Logo must express what you are, what you do and what your values are. It is not a simple process and requires several iterations between client and freelancer. First of all I need to understand the ultimate purpose of the logo, the style I will want to adopt to get the best effect. A very important aspect that often those who are not experts neglect is simplicity: think of the most famous logos you know. How many elements do they have? Often few strokes and few lines but all focused on communicating a character. Do you want some examples? Nike's mustache, Apple's apple, Audi's four circles, Microsoft's colored squares ... I will take care of just this and I will do it on time and making sure that you are fully satisfied. THE LOG DESIGN IN DETAILS 1 Logo design concept 3 Revision | JPG / PNG file (High Res.) + Monochrome WITH ME YOU CAN FIND: Professionalism Speed of action Support WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: Company name A basic idea Logo elements you would like to have That's all, Let's do it. Q&A Define a concept A concept is a logo design Define a revision Revisions are the changes you ask to apply to a concept What if I need more than just logo You can ask me first and I will guide you through the process of stationary design and make you an offer for it What if I need a branding bible (Guidelines) from this logo. Yes, I can and I will make you an offer after discussing with you what to include into it Can you do a media kit presentation from this logo? Yes I can do that, please contact me and we can set a price and the exact specifications of what it will include I would like to use my logo in both white and dark backgrounds, can that be done? The Silver and Gold packages include a monochrome version of the logo which serves that exact purpose