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E-Bike, E- bike, E- Bicycle, Trinx 136 M Elite

  • Bang Na
  • 07 Jun 2021 : 16:25 pm
  • ID: 400699

Ad Description

Trinx 136 M Elite E bike conversion
Near new, only use for testdrives, build with quality parts.
The bike is equipped with mechanical disk brakes, aluminium frame 6061 spec, comfortable gel seat, front suspension, mudguards, torsion bars (safety). Wheel size 700c 27,5”, Frame size 18”
Motor is a geared hub motor, 500 W, the rear driven wheel is equipped with thicker spokes and torsion bars.
Controller is 48V 11A. max 22 A with regenerative braking (magnetic switches on both brake handles) and cruise control, with Led display. Speed limit is set to 60 km/h (so it is street legal, no registration required).
Battery uses quality cells, is down tube mounted with four mounting points instead of two, 48V 13 Ah with USB charger for mobile devices. Comes with a 48V 2 Amp charger.
The bike is well balanced and a lot of fun to ride.
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This is the most insightful and well crafted movie about a number of our most pressing problems today, told in a brilliant set of intersecting vignettes. Every American should watch this move over and over and over again until it makes them cry for this country. Then you will know that you got it. That you really understand the truth of the costs that we are paying for not learning from our mistakes and for the greed and corruption that have run this country for years. As the daughter of a man of unquestioning courage and integrity, who fought in 3 wars and received the Distinguished Flying Cross in Korea, it makes me sick to think about what has happened in this country over the last 50 years. 30 years ago I used to do million dollar deals on a handshake and never question whether I would be paid, and by the way I never had to make one collection call. I wouldn't do a deal for $1 today without a signed contract because I find so few people who are trustworthy. I am not stupid, I know there has always been greed, backroom deals and people getting rich off of the people, but when did it become the norm? We used to be a beacon of light to the world of what it means to do the right thing, not the most expedient, not the one that will make us the most money, but to do what was morally right. If this movie moves you at all to stand up and fight for what is right then maybe we have a chance. Outstanding acting, directing, and story line. Regardless of where you stand on the invasions subsequent to 9/11, the film is able to posture the issues without being preachy. Normally, with that star-studded cast, I would expect the movie to fall flat, but it didn't. Despite other reviews, I think the actors were very well cast, none overbearing or over the top. Somehow they were able to balance each other. It's not a light-weight movie and I was surprised when it suddenly ended. But the dialogues so well bring out the issues of the time and the same issues of today. Forget the mediocre reviews. It is very worth watching. Redford did a supreme effort in both directing and acting, an uncommon feat. Note: may be shipped for an additional cost

NEW YEAR SALE! PRICE CUT! Bruce Almighty DVD Jim Carey

NEW YEAR SALE! PRICE CUT! Bruce Almighty DVD Jim Carey

  • 01 Aug 2021 : 09:15 am

This is one of my all time favorite movies! I'm not always a huge fan of Jim Carrey because I sometimes find his movie characters/voices and comedy to be so over that top that it's annoying, but I love him in this movie because it's the perfect blend of physical comedy, sarcasm, and heart. Jim Carey plays Bruce Nolan, a TV reporter frustrated with the fluff stories he gets sent to cover, like the world's largest cookie, and amuses himself by being funny in his comments on air, but is really upset that he's not taken seriously and always bypassed for his co-worker, Evan Baxter (Steve Carrel). His girlfriend Grace (Jennifer Aniston) loves him but is frustrated by his lack of seriousness about the future of their relationship and selfishness but tries to stand by him even when he gets fired for an angry on air outburst, but breaks up with him eventually. He feels like everything is crumbling around him and blames God (Morgan Freeman). After an angry rant at God, he goes to an abandoned building where he meets God. God has filing cabinets of all the things everyone's done wrong (boy, I'd hate to see mine haha) and he gives a few examples of Bruce's failures. Morgan Freeman is perfect as God - he's witty but seeks to teach Bruce a lesson by saying "If you think you can do better than me, go ahead." Comedy ensues as Bruce abuses his power by embarrassing Evan on air and making his sex life better for example. Eventually Bruce gets back to work and covers crazy stories but he finds it means nothing without Grace and that after a few weeks with powers, he feels bombarded with the world's struggles and starts to see that being God isn't easy and that he needed to change so he could be better for himself and others. I love the heart and messages of the movie: being selfish leads to losing things you love, be careful what you wish for, you can't change someone's free will even if you are God, and take a moment to think of the needs/struggles of others and how you can help them instead of yourself. Bruce has a life changing experience that changes him for the better. This movie is the perfect blend of funny and serious and has so many laugh out loud moments and a phenomenal cast - you won't be disappointed! Note: May be shipped for an additional Cost

ราคาตก! PRICE CUT! Blue Step Stool

ราคาตก! PRICE CUT! Blue Step Stool

  • 27 Jun 2021 : 22:42 pm

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Constructed of thick, sturdy plastic that can hold up to 200 lbs, unlike other thin material step stools that crack easily. CONTOURED SHAPE: Nests perfectly to your toilet during potty training NON-SLIP SURFACE AND FEET: Stiff gripping rubber on both the top and bottom, allow your child to stay planted on top while the stool stays firmly on the ground. LIGHTWEIGHT AND NO HASSLE: Weighing only 1 lbs, this 1-Step Stool is a fantastic lightweight solution allowing easy transport for adults & little hands alike! Great little stool. Kids love it is Paw Patrol. Rubber bumps on top to prevent slipping and falling. They really do not use it much for potty but I can see how that would be useful for.some kids. My grandkids use it to access the sink for hand washing and brushing of teeth. They also use it to help me in the kitchen. They slide it next to the counter. It is very sturdy. It even holds me and I am no light weight. I have two of these.