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Emaux FSF350SC 14

  • Phuket
  • 19 Sep 2021 : 22:01 pm
  • ID: 422979

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Emaux FSF350SC 14" 0.5HP pump+filter combo, new, never installed. New Price at the Dealer is 12390 Baht. I sale it for fixed Price 7900 Baht includes an 15kg bag of Zelbrite I will give for free ! I can deliver anywhere in Phuket. Please notice the barrel union with sight glass for the backwash/waste pipe is missing so NOT included. Can use a normally 1.5" inch PVC part or get a replace at pool shops no problem. Also that flexible hose from Pump to filter I not find but anyway it`s recommended to connect with solid PVC pipe! Tel. 0800402013 , Rawai . Can send it anywhere in THailand.
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Cigar Humidor (Huge)

Cigar Humidor (Huge)

  • 13 Sep 2021 : 09:31 am

Havana Foot Locker Cigar Humidor 7.500 Baht (OBO) - I paid 350 USD plus around 300 USD shipping from USA. 300+ cigars capacity humidor – or around 15 boxes plus two trays for singles. Mahogany chest - fully Spanish cedar lined. Best used to store boxes of cigars for aging. I have replaced the original analog Hygrometer with a much more accurate digital one. PLEASE NOTE: This is only a humidor - it does NOT include any cigars or boxes. From Crown Humidors: Havana Foot Locker 300 ct humidor The Havana Foot Locker Humidor is a great, no-nonsense 300 ct large cigar humidor that provides an exquisite place to store and age your cigars. The Havana Foot Locker Humidor is lined with oven-shaped, dried Spanish cedar, which improves flavor and helps maintain the right level of moisture in the cigar. The Havana Foot Locker Humidor has a wonderful walnut finish and is a good choice for a cigar shop or cigar collection located at home. The Havana Foot Locker Humidor is a large size desktop deep box humidor. This humidor includes rectangular humidifiers for air circulation and a small gold dial round hygrometer to monitor humidity levels. The container of the foot locker humidor is divided into three sections and two removable trays are added for the organization with Spanish cedar lined. Each box in the Havana Foot Locker humidor is supplied with 2 trays with Spanish cedar dividers for 400 - 500 cigars in large packs. You should treat each cigar in this excellent humidor with the same care as any other cigar box in your home. Decide whether to buy the Havana Humidor or a bundle of cigars bundled in a single box for a total of 2 - 3 boxes of 4 cigars each. The shackles in the Havana Foot Locker humidor box are ideal for long-term storage and provide extremely low-maintenance for several months. Use the foot locker humidor to hide your cigars, store the bundled cigars and leave the purchased cigars to rest. The foot locker humidor is a great option for long-term storage and the moisturizer holds moisture really well. The foot locker humidor can hold several Boveda packs to balance moisture, you can introduce more cigars and place them all easily in a tray without disturbing the moisture cycle. It looks much nicer than a standard 300 CT humidor, due to the foot locker concept but is slightly more expensive and is ever so practical humidor for long-term cigar storage. Havana Foot Locker Humidor Features: SureSeal Technology Standard humidor 2 Large Rectangle Humidifier 1 Analog Hygrometer in the humidor (Note: Replaced with more accurate digital hygrometer) 2 Spanish Cedar Trays with Dividers 2 Dividers at Bottom of the Havana humidor Lined with Premium Kiln Dried Spanish Cedar Gold Plated Lock & Key with Tassel, Handles, Hidden Quadrant & Piano Hinges Scratch Resistant Felt Lined Bottom Walnut Finish Holds up to 500 Cigars