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Emerald Jade Bracelet from Myamar

  • Bang Khen
  • 09 Dec 2019 : 13:59 pm
  • ID: 380509

Ad Description

Product name : Emerald Jade Bracelet from Myamar
Product material : Emerald Jade Stones
Country of Origin : Myanmar (Burma)
Sell ​​jade, real jade, jade bracelets, genuine jade bracelets with leaves, Burma jade bracelets, colored stone jewelry, cheap with Sir
Authentic jade, tested and certified high grade natural Burma jade bracelets - with box
Emerald emerald is one of the crystal that is good for health and mind. Has enormous power in treating various diseases and paying attention and concentrating on the human mind
Standard service is Kerry Express

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Make an appointment to see the products in advance.
 (Khun Srifah)
Tel +66 (0) 84-121-9696
Tel +66 (0) 95-915-5585
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199/50 Village No. 6, Ban Suan Chanchai Village, Sukhaphiban 5 Road, Soi 32, Or Ngoen Sub-district, Sai Mai District (23.19 km)
Bangkok 10220

 Once the price has been agreed, the customer Transfer money through Kasikorn Bank.
Account name: Mr. Santi Phong-Soul
Bank: Kasikornthai, Wongsakorn Sai Mai Market Branch
Account number: 614-2-32508-8
And take a photo of the confirmation transfer through all 3 channels

Impressed by both the seller and the product. Overpriced beautiful products The seller is very kind. Providing advice and knowledge well, no vest Respond quickly and to the point. Importantly, not subjecting to stuff Organized according to the budget and with free gifts as well. If you want good quality jade Recommend this shop
Products received are correct with the order. Package that has been sent successfully, shockproof The lovely seller gives good advice. Quick response
Definitely buy again
The owner recommends and offers very good services. Delivery is very fast. Of good quality too If wanting jade, must be beautiful jade house
Ordered the jade ring, really beautiful like in the picture ... Very good service, fast delivery As well as a souvenir as well .. really gratified for new subsidies
Every piece of jade is very beautiful. There are a variety to choose from, authentic, with important certificates. Khun Fah advises very well, gives very good information. For us to choose fully Really great service.
Received smooth hundreds. Fast delivery Even if ordering the wrong website, the shop was modified to be very impressive. Thank you very much. And impressed with the service The next opportunity would be to use the service again. Thank you.
Received products for months Just got a chance to get a review. Thank you Khun Fah very much. The service before and after the sale is very good. Have any questions or concerns? Khun Fah answered all, so impressed.
This shop is highly recommended.
Beautiful jade, beautiful texture in every band. There are many different products to choose from, according to the needs of customers. With Khun Fah providing information about Jade very well Because afraid that customers will not be satisfied with the purchase In which customers inquire for a long time Fah is well explained. Until being considerate ... Thanks for the good information, good knowledge and beautiful bracelets. Baan Yok Beautiful
I have received the item. Everything is perfect, fast, thank you for your convenience. Cute couple Be sure to 100% genuine indeed. 5 pieces and then subsidize the beautiful jade house Never disappointed Arrive home Questions, answers, everything No annoying attitude Please keep this quality forever. Thank you for the kindness that I have asked for cute things too.
Just received the jade bracelet today. Unpacking, instantly put on the wrist instantly. Srifah, the service is very good. Give advice about the product as needed. Really fast delivery Jade bracelet is very beautiful. Beautiful, pleasing. Thank you very much for the good products and excellent service.
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