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Foldable Travel Baby Cot

Ad Description

I no longer have use for this Foldable Travel Baby Cot. It takes up space in my storage room, space that I need for other purposes.

The unfolded baby cot measures 130 * 65 and 60 cm high. Folded up, it measures 20 * 20 * 70 cm and weighs about 7 kg.

If courier services (Kerry or EMS) are needed, this will be added to the quoted price.

To underline the reason for the sale of this toy is a "Garage Clearance" and proceeds will not disappear into my wallet, I shall personally hand-over the money to the poorest of the poorest in HuaHin / Chaam.
Those people scavenge the garbage cans on a daily basis, looking for paper, PET bottles and small metal parts. If requested, pictures of the hand-over will be sent to the buyer's e-mail address.

Every time I give THB 100 to those poor people (I do not want to give them more then THB 100 per time) and I make a picture. Sofar I have received THB 12,500 from the sales of other items and have been able to disburse THB 7,500. If potential buyers for this Baby Cot want to see those pictures, I can send them (after hiding the face) without any problem.
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  • 07 Mar 2020 : 21:42 pm

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tv wall mount brand new

tv wall mount brand new

  • 03 Mar 2020 : 18:05 pm

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