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FREE COVID starter kit + ebooks Bangkok

  • Sathon
  • 19 Dec 2020 : 09:31 am
  • ID: 391881

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Click on this to claim your free eBooks.

During this crisis of staying home, we are being fed with the wrong information. See what the real doctors are saying about COVID- 19 and the pandemic we are currently facing.

Find out what the doctors are saying in regards to being at home and protecting your loved ones with home remedies. Staying informed and knowing the actual procedures to take is what is going to keep you safe and your family safe.

Not sure what to do during this time of staying home - stay in front of the curve and do what millions are doing right now. The unemployed, the retired and those that are forced to stay home have adapted these new strategies and are earning right now from home with online businesses.

NOW - the secrets to these tricks and how everyday people are making millions online and working from home are now shared for the first time by real people. Click to find out more and start earning TODAY -

Finally claim your FREE eBook on KETO to keep your family eating healthy during this pandemic - it is totally free and can be forwarded to all your friends and family so that they can claim their book free also.


Start preparing and keeping your family SAFE TODAY!
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ขายถุงมือยางมีแป้ง(กล่อง 100 ชิ้น) Latex Examination Gloves ขาย 140 บาท ถุงมือยาง ขนาด L ผลิตจากน้ำยางธรรมชาติ มีความยืดหยุ่น ทนทาน สวมใส่สบาย ช่วยปกป้องมือจากคราบสกปรก สารเคมี และเชื้อโรคได้ ขายหล่องละ 140 บาท ส่งฟรี ติดต่อ 085-1578930

NEW YEAR SALE! PRICE CUT! Bruce Almighty DVD Jim Carey

NEW YEAR SALE! PRICE CUT! Bruce Almighty DVD Jim Carey

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This is one of my all time favorite movies! I'm not always a huge fan of Jim Carrey because I sometimes find his movie characters/voices and comedy to be so over that top that it's annoying, but I love him in this movie because it's the perfect blend of physical comedy, sarcasm, and heart. Jim Carey plays Bruce Nolan, a TV reporter frustrated with the fluff stories he gets sent to cover, like the world's largest cookie, and amuses himself by being funny in his comments on air, but is really upset that he's not taken seriously and always bypassed for his co-worker, Evan Baxter (Steve Carrel). His girlfriend Grace (Jennifer Aniston) loves him but is frustrated by his lack of seriousness about the future of their relationship and selfishness but tries to stand by him even when he gets fired for an angry on air outburst, but breaks up with him eventually. He feels like everything is crumbling around him and blames God (Morgan Freeman). After an angry rant at God, he goes to an abandoned building where he meets God. God has filing cabinets of all the things everyone's done wrong (boy, I'd hate to see mine haha) and he gives a few examples of Bruce's failures. Morgan Freeman is perfect as God - he's witty but seeks to teach Bruce a lesson by saying "If you think you can do better than me, go ahead." Comedy ensues as Bruce abuses his power by embarrassing Evan on air and making his sex life better for example. Eventually Bruce gets back to work and covers crazy stories but he finds it means nothing without Grace and that after a few weeks with powers, he feels bombarded with the world's struggles and starts to see that being God isn't easy and that he needed to change so he could be better for himself and others. I love the heart and messages of the movie: being selfish leads to losing things you love, be careful what you wish for, you can't change someone's free will even if you are God, and take a moment to think of the needs/struggles of others and how you can help them instead of yourself. Bruce has a life changing experience that changes him for the better. This movie is the perfect blend of funny and serious and has so many laugh out loud moments and a phenomenal cast - you won't be disappointed! Note: May be shipped for an additional Cost

NEW YEAR SALE! Price Drop! Coupling More than Just One Night Stand

NEW YEAR SALE! Price Drop! Coupling More than Just One Night Stand

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More than just a one night stand! Pick up BBC's most successful new comedy since Absolutely Fabulous, as Coupling returns with the two-disc set Coupling: The Complete Second Season. Find our who splits, who hooks up and pick up even more outrageous "Jeffisms" from this brilliant and sexy farce. Steven Moffat's second season of Coupling is a brilliant consolidation of all those neuroses, small deceits, obsessions, and personality tics that struck such a resonant chord when Steve, Susan, and their four friends were first unleashed on us. Comparisons with Friends itself are tiresome and lazy: Coupling is an intrinsically British comedy that picks apart the trivial and the mundane in everyday relationships and takes them on surreal journeys, leaving the participants hilariously bemused and rarely any wiser. Its success is due to the magical combination of Moffat's very funny scripts and the talents of six extremely likable actors, including Jack Davenport (Steve) and Sarah Alexander (Susan). But it's Richard Coyle's Jeff whose sexual fantasies exert a compelling fascination that will really keep you watching in disbelief. Breasts, bottoms and pants are the basis for most of the conversational analysis when these friends get together as a group, as couples, as girlfriends, or as mates, invariably becoming metaphors for the state of a relationship or situation. Individual viewpoints and terrors are explored through respective memories of the same event and what-if scenarios. Chain reactions inevitably ensue, fuelling comedy that is based almost entirely on misunderstanding. Note: May be Shipped within Thailand for an additional cost