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NEW YEAR SALE! True Lies DVD Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Prawet
  • 02 Jan 2021 : 11:49 am
  • ID: 391035

Ad Description

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars as US secret agent Harry Tasker in James Cameron's attempt at screwball-comedy and action-adventure. Tasker's bored housewife, Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis), believes her husband to be a salesman, blissfully unaware of his espionage activities even after fifteen years of marriage. Suspecting Helen of conducting an affair, Harry uses all the resources at his disposal to find out what's going on. He is shocked to discover that she is falling for used car salesman Simon (Bill Paxton), who has wooed her by claiming to be a spy! However, when Helen and Harry are both captured by a gang of Arab terrorists, he is forced to reveal his true profession.

Bonus Features.

Original. Digitally Mastered THX. For Super Sound and Picture Quality.

Note: May be shipped within thailand for an additional cost.

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