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Fully Restored EM Pinball Machine

Ad Description

Presenting…One time only – A special 45th Anniversary Edition Fully restored and shopped by a devoted pinball collector/enthusiast:
Gottlieb’s ‘Spirit of 76’ EM (Electro-mechanical) pinball machine:1- 4 player
Features of this glorious machine:
*Meticulously restored to near show-room condition - original plan cabinet stencils by the ‘Pinball Pimp’ Florida (All rights reserved U.S.A.)
*Completely shopped throughout – All mechanics serviced and tested, all switches cleaned and tested, all coils tested and if need be replaced, all plastics on play-field renewed, every bulb replaced (some with LED's), new transformer installed, all rubbers (rings and targets) replaced, all drop targets replaced, all metal (side railings etc..) cleaned and polished, new pinball installed.
*A genuine mint condition Bi-centennial 1776-1976 U.S. quarter dollar coin showcased on the apron (found in the coin door mech during restoration)
*Over 60hrs of manual labor put into restoration
*comes with: original game operations manual, original schematics including supplement, original score cards, bonus original Gottlieb post-card advertisement (rare)
Coin operated (5bht or quarter dollar coins) or free play can be enabled.
Main Cabinet: 100% *(restored faithfully and to original design specs including factory pin dot flick effect)
Back box cabinet: 100% *(restored faithfully and to original design specs including factory pin dot flick effects)
Playfield: 98% Waxed and polished with Pro Pin wax and cleaner *(original untouched artwork: circa 1975)
Light box translite: 98% *(original untouched artwork: circa 1975)
Manufactured: December 1975 for release world-wide for the American Bi-centennial year 1976
By D. Gottlieb & Company U.S.A.
Price: 80,000bht (ONO)
The owner: Is a confirmed Pinball machine Professional collector since 1997 (Australia) and takes care of his machines scrupulously with great expense time and effort. Parts for this machine can be easily and affordably purchased from ‘The Pinball Resource' on WWW which is the number 1 source of EM pinball parts world-wide.
*Includes FREE delivery to regional Bangkok (and adjacent provinces area)
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