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Game Development( It is Hot)

  • Bang Kapi
  • 12 Feb 2020 : 08:55 am
  • ID: 380483
  • Job Type: Monthly
  • Salary Type: Contract
  • Salary Range: 30.000 + 30% Commission
  • Nationality: Danish

Job Description

Hello Sirs

I am looking for a relationship with a company or individual that can support with the development of special kind of games that will be distributed on web, Desktop, and Mobiles, will be available as free downloads on App stores.

When the game is fully implemented which will takes 6-8 month I expect 10.000-20.000 daily users and 1-2% will buy add-ons to make games more attractive.

For financials, it is expected that 1-2% of daily visitors will make a purchase of some of the cheapest add-on of $3.99, which is $600 per day.

The development will take 2-3 months before initials release.

Interested to partner with me on this development, you can sent me your questions.

Kind Regards

Company Infomation

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