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Gas installation service

  • Phuket
  • 11 Apr 2021 : 10:37 am
  • ID: 375869

Ad Description

Gas Service, Gas System Inspection, Gas Pipe Repair, Gas System, Gas System, Hotel, Restaurant. Condo. Villa, House, Laundry Factory
Gas installation service, Gas system inspection, Gas pipe repair, Gas system, Gas system for hotel, Restaurant, Condo, Villa, House, Laundry factories.
Gas leakage work .... due to old or deteriorated equipment .... as according to the arrangement, keep the work ... ask to inform .... service at all levels ... impressed with all prices ...
Gas leak pipe work .... due to old equipment or deteriorated .... According to the arrangement according to keep the work properly ... Please notify .... Service at all levels ... Impressed at every price
The site has problems with damage, abnormal use, needs to be repaired or reworked.
The site has problems, damaged, unusable, needs repair or rework ...
Interested please contact / information
Call / Tel:094-9196870
Id Line: procon99
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Home Bar with 4 x stools, with drinks, mixer, cocktail books etc.

Home Bar with 4 x stools, with drinks, mixer, cocktail books etc.

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I’m not sure of the name of the style of this lovely piece of furniture but suffice to say it is much copied here in Thailand. Island furniture makes it’s own version but lacks the exquisite quality of this piece. When I moved into this house ( 1999) it was unfurnished. Went shopping for a bed & came back with this bar! The shear quality of all the joints (dovetail) and the brass inlaid hinges along with the deep sheen of the rose wood made me believe it was made for the Hong Kong market. Have no evidence to support that but it certainly wasn’t made for the tourist market. The 4 stools are beautifully made & each has it’s own embroidered seat cover. I replaced the “bearings” on each with heavy duty ones & re-glued any joints that showed signs of becoming loose with use. So, all stools are free of any problems. The main cabinet is very sound & all hinges etc. are fully functional. There may be one or two small water marks on the finish of the top but they certainly don’t spoil the overall beauty of this piece. Front & back are embossed by what appears a Chinese symbol of some sort. Seat cushions have the same symbol. Bar includes: 50 apprx. Unopened miniatures. 20 apprx. Bottles of spirits, more than half unopened. 50 apprx. Glasses of various sizes. Cocktail books, mixers, tea towels etc. Approximate value of included alcohol etc. at least THB20,000! Price further reduced to: THB 25,000 Phone Stewart: 0987386950 Anytime.